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Friday, October 23, 2009

Found profile...thats all

Well holy shit, I found my UG profile (HA still remembered the password too)... Well thats about it...What? I just found my profile, thats it....seriously, your starting to creep me out.....could you just back up like 500 yards?...really..........GO AWAY!!!!!
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Older, wiser, giving less of a shit

Current mood: contemplative

Ok well its now 4:30 am, and I'm still awake. I have nothing specific to talk about. There was a riot where I got cracked in the back of the head but thats not all that important. To be honest, if working in close contact with customers hasn't made me a complete cynic, college has definitely done the job. I have no cares in the world other than my studies. I try to mix friends into the mix but it seems that recently the shit has hit the fan, so to speak. My best friend Vince is now a person I seldom see let alone even speak to anymore. Ashley and Tiff have become an image of invisibility in my eyes. All I see is an outline. Nothing fills the void that is right in front of my eyes. Have I really become that cold hearted that I no longer care for the well being or lives of my supposed friends? 

Life is worth living, don't take this as some bullshit suicide note on a guitar website, or some emo spewing tears of anguish. This is simply a way to express myself. Its a way to deal with my problems. Put them into words and let them go. Have you ever felt a weight being lifted off your shoulders? The things I'm writing about are my weights. 

I no longer care what becomes of this world. We've spend 2 thousand years running it into the ground. I await the day with anticipation, when everything implodes. I also await it with fear. The unknown is always frightening. When you don't know what will happen your mind tends to create "worst possibility" outcomes, and you believe every image. Its propaganda for the human soul. Let's see them write a chicken soup book for that. 

I eagerly wait for my homecoming. A time when I no longer have to worry about school or fake friends. I already smoke and drink to get ride of my troubles, why not just let life take me? I'll ride that wave till it crashes on the shore. The physical impossibility of death in the mid of someone living.
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Monday, March 03, 2008

wow something semi-interesting

Current mood: anxious

well now something evident happened in my life.(i know i'm surprized too) anyways, i went to a little "get-together" for all the people in pittsburgh who are planning on going to ohio u. and while i was there i met this one girl, her name is anastacia, i call her stace for short. anyways the topic got brought up that ou is haunted(which is fucking sweet). and as im talking to this guy about the haunted asylem that is now the addmissions office, stace comes over to us and seems to be taking an interist in the subject, and it turns out that she loves shit like that.:angry::grrr:grrrr evil shit! so we start talking and she is my new favorite person:down:(sorry darkcat but i get a new favorite person like every other day so eventually it'll come back to you. wel anyways(<gotta stop saying that) we continued to talk and it turns out that she can cut hair and is planning on opening a little shop inside her dorm. i will be the first customer because god knows i need a cut right now. and well for some reason i forget the rst of the conversation, but ya OU is going to be one hell of a fucking good time. :wtf::golfclap:...i like smilies:D
abd sorry of the utter lack of logical grammer use in that^^^but I wrote this in a hurry so if you don't like it, bite me.
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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Current mood: energetic

well i got more music on my player, cause all i had before was metal and rock, so now this should give a more avid description of who I am. other than that I don't think anything else is going on in my life...fuck its boring!...I'm gonna go dropkick a cashier at my local giant eagle now.(don't worry they know me their)
P.S. I used to work at that very same giant eagle. just a little fun fact for you guys, you know just in case this "blog" shit isn't long enough for you douche bags...I'm just kidding...?...ya just kidding.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

So tired and yet so happy

Well I just found out why stage crew is so much work. I had to stay at my school(which sucks) from 2:20-9:00. Fuck. the only upside is that the people there were cool and my ex-drummer(for 3 days) is the head of sound(were I am) so it was pretty sweet. It seems though that sound is the only people who actually work...the play sucks. I'm not entirely sure what the plays are I just know that Mark Twain must have tried to make Adam and Eve a satire because Eve wouldn't stfu. She had a 10 minute speach about naming animals, but she was still kinda hot(why Adam put up with her).
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Monday, October 01, 2007

That's Life

Current mood: aggravated

Well SATs are saturday, I have tons of tests, and for some reason I'm failing english which is fucking bullshit(or so I say):angry:
I've recently composed a new song(lyrics so far) called: Anti-Hero/the return
its quite possibly the most brutal song I or anyone else has written. I scare myself just reading it.:devil:
not much is evedent about my life right now but hey, That's Life.
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