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Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Much-Needed (scoff) Update

Current mood: Car-crashed

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As I'm sure you guys are all on the edge of your seats wondering "what ever happened to that Gunpowder guy?" I thought I'd give a little update

I haven't been on as much as I have before, which I mostly blame on college. Fuck you, college, with your points of interest, making me go out and have friends, and stuff, instead of posting on UG. I'll still try to make the occasional comment every now and then, but I don't know when I'll have time to take over Ultimate is, I don't know when I'll have time to post on the forums as much as I used to.

I decided to go up to New York for a concert on Halloween. Who did I see, you ask? The greatest band in the world. The World/Inferno Friendship Society. Check them out, it's cabaret/circus punk, one of the most unusually amazing things I've ever heard in my life. Concert was ace, but a crowd-surfer knocked me in the neck. And about a week after the concert, after getting back into Boston, I got in a car crash.

Wasn't that bad, not that injured, save for my neck. World/Inferno actually came to Boston the week after the car crash, so I decided to go - another awesome show, but, I strained my neck because I was too close to the stage. And the week after the concert. I got into. Another. Goddamn. Car crash.

It's really looking at this point like the world is out to get me, or out to get my neck, at least. Ah well. It's been snowing like mad up in the Northeast, so it looks like we'll get a white Christmas this year, if nothing else.

That's about it. Now that you're done reading my blog, I release you back to the world. I'm gonna go find some ice for my neck (though, glancing outside, I may not need to look very hard...).


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DarkEra97 wrote on Feb 12th, 2009 3:21pm

This is old, but I hope your neck is recovered by now!


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