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Friday, November 20, 2009

More About Me

Name: James
Birthdate: November 8, 1990
Birthplace: New Jersey, United States
Where you live now: Hertfordshire, UK
Hair Color: Black
Status: Single
Food: Pizza
Number: 21
Color: Green
Music Genre: Rock, pop, alternative
Drink: Pepsi
Drank: yes
Smoked: No
Ever kissed the opposite gender: yes
Parents' names: Nigel and Joanne
Siblings: Yes, 4
Do you drink: No
Do you smoke: No
Children: Someday
Hate anyone: Cant think of anyone at the moment. IDK
Favorite Sport: BMX and skating
Eye color: Blu-ish
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

For the Times Lyrics

Here's a little widgety song i wrote for someone really close to me. It's a song on piano called For the Times.
For the times we're at odds
here's a kiss from my heart
And a breath in your ear
telling you i'm sorry
For the times we're apart
here's a kiss with a tear
And a heart full of love
Telling you i'm so sorry.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blue Glass Fall Lyrics

Here's a song i wrote on my own time called 'Blue Glass Fall'
Careful, barefoot on the floor
I threw the phone at the door
I missed the door and hit the mirror
She hung it up when she lived here

And pieces of blue glass fall,
The love of a fool is strong
To patiently wait so long,
To build a bomb that don't go off.
Listening to all her songs
Getting drunk and leaving messages for moromou

One more time today
I have to feel this way
But how much sleep could she get
When she has to wake up in her own head?
Learning that joy's like rain,
Love is a long parade,
Sorrow is like the sun
When you're trying to sleep, sleep again
I know you're happier than me
To be alone at your window
Oh moromou
Like we used to do

I took a trip into your past
To kill the one that made you sad
But you harbored fugitives
Yeah, they live inside of you
Must have loved them
I must have to

When pieces of blue glass fall,
The love of a fool is strong
To patiently wait so long
To build a bomb that don't go off.
Listening to all her songs
Getting drunk and leaving messages for moromou

Pieces of blue glass fall.
The love of a fool is strong.
Learning that joy's like rain.
And sorrow is like the sun,
When you're trying to sleep, sleep again.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Current mood: Rockin'

My brother and I got tickets to see Green Day! And they were in the front. So we flew down to San Jose (we have some family down there.) It was great. First, they had some guy in a bunny suit come out, then they had the opening act. It was some band from Scotland called Franz Ferdinand. And yes, it was good too.Then Green Day came on.They opened up with 21st Century Breakdown. He had some fans up on stage (a nine year old named Jason, some girl that couldn't sing, and even his MUM!) Then when they were singing Longview, he asked anyone if they knew the words to the song, and a girl came up onstage and sang it with them. After the song ended,  they she did a stage dive. Half way through the show, Billie got some shooting thing and shot out a bunch of shirts. I got one! yay. And after they played 'Know Your Enemy', he brought out a water gun. He told his mum to come up onstage, and then she squirted us. I got a little wet. I even met a few people.
I posted a few of the good pictures that I got.:cheers: 
Tre Cool

Mike Dirnt

Billie Joe Armstrong


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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If You Could Go Anywhere..

Current mood: artistic

Hey, my band wrote our first song today. It's called "If You Could Go Anywhere". I'm just gonna post my part.If you guys wanna try it out, go wild.Yes, please,please put your own beat into it.
Capo at the 6th fret.
     C                            Em
E------------------------------------------------- ---------------------|
B----1------1-------1-------0------0--------0--- ----------------------|
G------0-------0--------------0-------0--------- ----------------------|
D----------------------------------------------- -----------------------|
A--3-------3------3-------2------2-------2------ ----------------------|
E----------------------------------------------- -----------------------|
      Am                            F
E----------------------------------------------- --------------------|
B----1-------1------1------1-------1----------1- -------------------|
G-------2------2--------------2-------2--------- -------------------| x2
D----------------------------------------------- --------------------|
A--0-------0------0----------------------------- --------------------|
E--------------------------1-----1---------1---- --------------------|
Sorry, that's all we have right now. Let me know if you like it. If you dont, please. Don't be toooo harsh.
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