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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Current mood: Perturbed

I AM SICK AND TIRED OF IDIOTS (whom I hate if you haven't seen the caption under my avatar) BAGGING ON MY GUITAR. Just because it is an AXL doesn’t mean it’s a crappy guitar. Yet again you people with the narrow minded brains in your hopelessly dense skulls continue to label people (and their guitars) as crap because it is a certain brand, yes granted I have my stereotypes about one guitar in particular and that’s only because I own it and I have played it and I know from PERSONAL experience that it is a crap guitar in general. JUST because you people see an AXL you assume it sucks. I know for a FACT that the certain guitar that I have in my possession my Mayhem FireAX is a damn good guitar and competes in quality of sound with my friends Gibson Les Paul. I don't see you people thrashing the Les Paul do I? But the heavens forbid that someone should happen to LIKE an AXL product, OMFG!! He must suck, he must be crazy. He must be straight out of the power-chord academy. Well for your information Mr. or Ms. Smartass I have taught myself everything I know, there was NO and I repeat (For you thick headed labeling morons) NO training or instruction I received AT ALL. That I didn't pick up on my own by watching music videos or listening to songs and experimenting on my own. THERE was NO academy, trainer, camp, class, elder, master, god, magic, or plain old hippy cosmic magic dust, the stars are aligned right crap (no offense against hippies of course, I think you guys had it right from the beginning). That helped me in anyway. I learned how to play through hard work, Sore muscles, and the occasional cut finger. So you have no right to criticize me and my guitar UNLESS you personally OWN the guitar I have. If not, then shut your Damn Traps.










                                    This has been a rant by the extremely perturbed,


5:53 pm - 5 comments - 5 Kudos
Sunday, July 12, 2009

Next Solo??

Current mood: confused

Well I need a new solo something easy for now... i just cant figure out what, anyway thats it friends comment and recommend ..... something
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am still The Odd Guitarist...

My guitar is no longer meesed up, my action is normal, my harmonics are no longer in the wrong places. My style is no longer off b/c my guitar is no longer screwed up... am I still The Odd Guitarist.... Holy crap Identity crisis............................................ ..................
5:46 pm - 0 comments - 0 Kudos
Friday, July 10, 2009


Current mood: Perturbed preturbed WTF ever

hey look i dont worship syn just slash Darrel jimmi and morrello, besides i prefer zacky over syn and fyi I LOVE A WALL OF FUCKING GAIN COMING AT ME, think im kidding, syn has a multi thousand dollar rig, yess thats true but you can still get his sound, if you know how to play right AND SO WHAT IF IVE BEEN PLAYING FOR LESS THAN A YEAR, just because you call me a n00b doesnt mean i am dont judge b4 you hear me play b/c youll be surprised at what sounds coome out of my semi crappy equipment, ok.... semi- shitty equipment.... ok just almost down right shitty... but that doesnt stop me
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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Current mood: bored

I'm New, Lazy and I don't care. My stage name is The Odd Guitarist. I play what i want when i want i've been playing for, oh six 1/2 months. I'm mostly rythm. CURSE THIS PLACE FOR HAVING PRACTICALLY NO RYTHM LESSONS. Anyway I use an AXL fyre and a behringer Gmx 110 as my main equip. I have an esteban 15 watt practice amp and a Lyon by wash burn(which I hardly ever use). My action is too low on the top of the neck for most guitarist to use, and to high at the bottom of the neck for them to use either. My harmonics are off, I play in drop D (rarely in E C B Eb Cb Bb ect.). My stlye is off. My song selections are rather nostalgic for my generation. And most of all. Why am I even doing this? Anyway thats me in a nutshell. See Ya.
6:36 pm - 4 comments - 2 Kudos