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Sunday, October 02, 2016


Current mood: cheerful

So my friend bought an Ibanez prestige roughly a year ago and in the end it just didn't fit him... I have a month to test it out and decide if I want to buy it...Up until now, I've yet to decide why I shouldn't!  Pictures are available! 
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My music will be here

It seems that UG has decided to delete all mp3s on this site due to lack of usage. My isolation cab should be ready soon and I have many songs written and I'm getting ready to push the rec button. I'll upload them into Soundcloud. The link to my user page can be found at the info section.
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

I bought a bass!

Current mood: artistic

The title pretty much says it all. I didn't have particularly high expectations since it's a 500e bass,but damn,does it play good! Very easy to play and it produces some sweet,crushing tones. Talk about price/quality! I'm currently dialing in tones and writing more tunes...and it seems you'll end up hearing some orchestrations in them as well.  Pictures of the bass coming soon...
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Gear Update

Current mood: energetic

Good evening. To make things short,I have acquired some new things. The most important one: I got myself a new computer. I ordered the parts online and bought some used ones from my friends.(Yes,I have friends but don't worry for doubting me,I can hardly believe it myself.) I assembled it myself(Never done that but hey, it works!) and it's fairly powerful:8 gigs of ram,quad core,blah,blah. Best of all,it was pretty cheap. The important thing here is that getting a new,powerful computer made it possible for me to FINALLY buy a soundcard. I bought a Scarlet studio package which came with headphones(pretty comfortable and fairly good),the soundcard(Scarlet 2i2),a mic for singing(not planning to do it myself though) and best of all,a copy of Cubase AI 7 which despite its limitations has proven to be a very solid version of the full thing. I also bought the classic Shure 57 for recording guitar. I'm also planning to buy a decent bass so I don't have to steal my friend's all the time.  I'm currently learning to use the daw effectively and while I'm at it I'm also demoing some songs that have been in my head for years. And now if you excuse me,I have some epic choirs and synth strings to do. 
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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Updating my status

Current mood: artistic

Hey! Just wanted to share a few things!

New Music:
I have discovered some new bands to listen to: Periphery,Animals As Leaders and Opeth. Why? Well,since I am a Dream Theater fan it was kind of a logical thing to give those bands a listen and I gotta admit that I didnīt like AAL and Periphery at first,but they kinda stuck on me. Periphery has those things Iīve always liked in music: the heaviness,beautiful melodies,clean and harsh /scream vocals. Oh, and did I mention the groovy guitar riffs? :D I spent literally half of my summer break listening to that band and now I own all their albums. When I listened to those albums I noticed how the singerīs voice had improved on each record. Itīs nice to see that he actually practices to improve his voice. Oh,that electric/ambient stuff in their songs is very interesting to listen to. And theyīre beautiful.

Animals As Leaders. What can I say? Tosin Abasi,everyone! My friend got me into his stuff. I was amazed how Abasi plays his guitar:Weird time signatures,polyrhytms,crazy finger picked licks. Ordered the first album on christmas and it was constantly playing in the car when I was driving.

I never truly listened to Opeth ītill I bought their most popular album,"Blackwater Park". It was only 5 euros and I thought that I might as well buy it since I was trying to seek new sources of inspiration. I had to get used to Mikaelīs growling though,but it didnīt take long. The album has very long songs,lots of different emotions in them but the first thing I noticed in it is that it sounds evil. Must be because of those guitar riffs. Iīll definitely look into their other albums.

The Band:
We had problems with the singer. Again. Not going into any details but we kicked him out and begun searching for a new one. Thank god it only took a week. Weīre currently writing lyrics and giving our new singer time to practice the songs. We also found a guy to play keyboards!! How cool is that? Finally, I can make choirs,pianos and strings in my songs and someone can actually play them! And by the way,my songwriting has improved greatly and this is not only my opinion. Rest of the band also thought so...Thank god One little thingy bothers me though: weīve played live only once. This is mainly because of extremely bad luck. Houses burning,member changes (fucking singers) and so on. This is sadly our last year together as a band. Our amazing lead guitarist goes in the army in the summer. Thatīs why we decided to record EVERY SONG (after our final exams) we have done so far. And weīre going to upload everyone of them,free,for all to listen. We currently have ten songs and Iīm extremely excited about this. We also have at least one confirmed gig and itīs going to be a big event in the town...

Ps: It took me quite a while to write all this,so you better read this even though you donīt care,damnit!

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

New Mp3 uploaded!

Current mood: accomplished

I finally managed to actually record something! I got a new computer(Not great,but gets the job done) that actally has decent audio drivers,making recording guitar possible. 

This "song" isnīt about my ability to play guitar,itīs more about composing. I have planned using this section as a pre-solo riff,midsection or something like that.

I used Acoustica Beatcraft for drums(I had to tweak the eq settings a bit to get a decent sound),Fl Stuodio for piano and choirs (Which do NOT sound great,but you get the idea) and Reaper for mixing.

Iīm fairly new to making drums,eq,recording and mixing stuff,so feedback about the song or about the mixing is welcome!
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Monday, June 10, 2013

About the Mp3s...

Current mood: confused

I had to delete īem all (Pun intended) because they were broken. I donīt have the slightest idea what happened to them. Maybe I upload more when I have some recording gear...
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Friday, May 03, 2013

R.I.P Jeff Hanneman

Current mood: sad

Heīs time here came to an end way too early...His death was such a big surprise to me. Iīm not a huge Slayer fan,but his death is still a big loss for metal community. 
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

18 and life you got it...

Current mood: amused

So,today is my 18th birthday and everyone is making such a big deal about it.  Time sure flies fast...
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Current mood: calm

So, itīs been a pretty long time since my last update. A lot has happened with the band, mostly bad things...

If you read my previous blog you know that my friends house was burnt down. Because his guitars and amps were reduced to ashes, I decided to give my LTD m-50 and Spider 3 to him. Heīs going to need them. Too bad that he canīt play with us anymore, because he lives in a another city now and he is into different music now...Mainly black metal. 
So were down to two guitar players now. Iīm kinda "the frontman" now(since when has the rhytm player been a frontman?!) and Iīm currently making some changes to our songs īcause er lack the third guitar player. I have to learn his harmonies too...Damn. We also have some new songs under construction. The lead guitarist has some stunning riffs and Iīm dying to use them. What else, what else...? Oh, I have got way better as a musician and as a player... What else...Oh,TIME PART 1 KICKS ASS!!
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