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Monday, July 21, 2008

My Guitars

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I have 5 guitars and a bass and heres a little about each of them.

Gibson Sg-My favorite of the group, it is a standard gibson and i had to save for a while before i could purchase this guitar.

B.C. Rich Warlock- This guitar is see through if you cant tell from the pic I have of it. My parents got it for me has it was my second guitar after my squier. IT is a very heavy guitar but it is fun to be able to look through it.

Squier- my first guitar that i hadf or a while before i decided i would stick with guitar and then i started to upgrade to better guitars.

Bass- I got this ibanez bass just for fun.

Alvarez 6 string acoustic- I got this guitar to learn some nice sounding acoustic songs and i love it. I got this guitar before my 12 string.

Alvarez 12 string acoustic- After having my 6 string for a bit i went to my local guitar store and played a 12 string and loved the sound so i saved up and bought this one.
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