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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mouse in Manhattan

New York's lights confused with stars.  "Bright," says the young girl.  If only they could have their wish, they would be forever in a daze removed of a daily routine.  It seems, the thing that makes them happy is the soul of another.  Misunderstood by the rest who desire materialistic object or fame.  Those who want nothing more than to be above the rest are only to be snickered upon.  Signatures developed in such a fashion that no two are alike.  Respect becomes the main consumption of the city.  The little girl stares into the New York horizon, the only one she knows.  But yet she smiles, looking into her grandfathers eyes.  

She's happy, and its all that matters.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Belts and Needles

lSituation occurring at an utmost pace.  Suppressed with the current product.  Visions embedded in the blood stream flowing at a pace that the human mind can only view in disgust.  Its desire to reach the eyes has no obstacles, but plenty reason.  Its increasing price per dose is defeating the mind at an alarming rate.  Insatiable wants thought to be needs.  I have a game now.  

Lets see if you can say no to me.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Callisto and the resulting Arcas

Eyes. Fixated upon a golden leaf. Standing upon the open window, ceilings overturned, vision dilated into a coma. Feeling the insides. Cold. Shivers sent throughout. Rejected. Heart pulse defined with a silky string. Lost are the previous encounters of introduction. This silky string held near. Listen, and you will the first and last to know. The retina excludes itself from the being. The golden leafs corporal structure infatuates the eye leading to the brain. Its radiant sparkle refrains from the grabbers grip. Lost in a state of dillusion the mind cannot understand, but yet underestimates the situation at hand.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Enthralled.  A word with no meaning to whom it applies.  Voices heard in the head of the normal.  The absurd hear the neglected truth shouted in stentorian voices.  They dont listen.  Nature recieves its commonly thought due spiritualistic rituals in place of suspicion.  Absurdity becomes the only light.  On their knees, it consumes their lives in a timely, traditional, frequently irrational manner.  They condense into one being of omnipotence.

If you could only speak to it, you would be a god to us.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Defeated Glass

A single sheet of glass creates the threshold between a seemingly inertiatic force and infatuation between the two ears.  A stroke of dust creates an cataclysmic implosion.  The once inertiatic force becomes an omnipotent being with an adamant grasp.  Unsuitable for living, this isnt the place for him.  The head pulses unpleasantly, in perfect rhythm.  Earth, visually beautiful from the view point of the crushed suit.  When and where, undetermined, unknown, in this collosal dot of nothing.  Baphomet appears.  He follows unwillingly. 

Nothing ever happened.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Speculative Fiction

A mere image voiced in the opinions of the hungered saint known for his ability to cause emotional turbulence at the blink of an eye, the flash of his hand, his insensitive scent to find the next victim, paired, in the eyes of a wolf suited to fight a bear. A flicker of a light, causing a misjudged apparatus hanging in the ceiling. Still. Emotionless.   Awaiting his life.  Moral stability unstable as the clock ticks towards infatuation and tocks towards mental mutilation.  Its pathological mind paired with an overshadowed soul.  Its mind is doubled.  Its soul is no more.  Its intrinistic bodily functions replaced with a single beat.  What used to be its organs becomes an armamentarium of anger.  Undecided.  Its insides filled with such a nothingness that baffles its followers, a human mind, incomprehensible. A desire, incomprehensible. A book that explains to the reader its flaws, that attempts to teach but only murmurs.  A slave to discovery, he belongs no more.  He dwells near his lens.  His tool is simply convex.  His assistant the type writer.  Criminalistic impediments push through to knowledge.

This, is about nothing.
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