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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cheack This. It could make you popular!

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∙ Ok from now on if you want to make tabs that you made but UG doesn't have your band. Not a prob! Just post it in the " Misc. Your Songs " Sectoin now. Over 350 songs already in it! I look through that sectoin alot, looking for top quality songs! I find nice ones then tell UG to make your band an official UG band. Your songs will all be transfered to the new band.

∙ In your song title name that is in the misc your songs section name it like this. Your Band's Name here - Your song name here. Just so i can see what your band name really is. An example is, my songs are like this " T Davis - My Song Name Here ".

∙ Also keep looking out in the forums for some contests I create! Thanks!
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