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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

NPD! EHX Deluxe Memory Boy!

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Now, this isn't exactly a NPD, since I gave myself a couple days to figure it out first. But man I am so happy with this pedal.

The biggest thing is the tap tempo feature. I'm coming off of an EHX Memory Boy, so I've never actually appreciated what a tap tempo can do for my sound- the subdivisions are also very useful, I'm really into the quarter note triplets division mode right now. The DMB also has a much larger repeat time than the standard MB (1.5 seconds max) and gets into really cool lo-fi sounds once the repeats get long enough.

The modulation is also a lot easier to use on this model and the ability to control the depth of the saw/square waves is a god-send. The gain knob is also something I'm extremely grateful for, as I've had issues with volume drops/gains with activating pedals before the Memory Boy and this pedal.

Finally, the FX loop is an extremely cool concept that'll take a lot of time to find great settings- so far I'm a fan of a flanger, a delay with low feedback, and a distortion with the feed back as low as possible for call and return type of things. Another cool thing to play around with is the easter egg feature, the delay sequencer. It cycles through the different tap tempo subdivisions at a speed you control, creating almost an arpeggio type of sound that can create some really tranquil sounds. The low-cut mode is also a nice touch for brighter repeats.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with this pedal. Unlike the Memory Boy, I feel like I can keep this pedal on at all times to add depth to my sound due to the tap tempo feature. Its extremely versatile and has loads of possibilities with other pedals. Plus, all analogue delay, baby
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