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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Never thought to use an OD pedal into a distortion

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So today I tried something that I never considered- using an OD into a distortion pedal. I'm a relative newbie on proper use of OD (used to think its only use was to sound like SRV out of a MG...), but lately having been reading people's stories about using Tube Screamers on Mesas and such, and for some reason had the idea to use an old OS-2 I had lying around in front of my TL-2 distortion pedal- before I thought that only tube amps could benefit from an OD in front of it. But let me tell you, I couldn't be happier with the results. Just using full volume, 0 tone, 0 drive, and full OD setting on the OS-2 into my TL-2 gave me a much fuller tone with a tighter low-end. Of course, I had to tweak the TL-2's settings a bit (turn down the mid-range control), but its giving me a tone I thought I couldn't get with my current rig. Now I wonder what it'd sound like with a better OD...

Also, I got a birthday coming up, so I'm pumped. Come on, Deluxe Memory Boy!

edit: Kinda looks like my hearing was a bit skewed when I posted this. Not sure if it's better now at all Hate trying to get what I feel is a good tone on this rig...
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