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Friday, January 03, 2014

A new blog for new times

So I was checking out my UG profile and realized that aside from the occasional forum post, I haven't really been a part of this community for almost 4 years! It's crazy how time flies.

What's been new with me? I've made a lot of progress in the world of recording and songwriting, as you can see by checking out my Soundcloud profile ( I've been really inspired by the djent movement in recent years, melodic death metal, taking more inspiration from Protest the Hero and Opeth which have contributed a lot to my songwriting, which is great, I can't wait to see where my songwriting takes me next. I've recently upgraded to a Pod HD for my guitar tones which I cannot sing enough praises about, it's amazing to get this quality of guitar tones while being able to just plug in headphones and not mess around with mic placement! That along with pickup upgrades, buying a real bass, and working in a DAW that's not Audacity (Reaper, baby) have pushed my recordings to new levels. Hell, I'm at the point where I plan on releasing an EP on Bandcamp soon.

In terms of my guitar ability, I've obviously made the amount of progress you'd expect someone to make in 3+ years. I'm not only able to play but am actually writing pretty technical riffs nowadays. Solos are still my weak point, but I'm always improving.

For music listening, I've branched out a lot. Went through a melodic death metal period thanks to The Black Dahlia Murder and Dark Tranqulity and Opeth expanded my progressive view. Then Periphery came out which took me a while to "get," but once I did opened up a whole new rhythmic world to me and made me give Meshuggah another chance. So I've come a long way (but not since abandoned) since my power metal and alt rock roots!

For those of you actually reading this blog, I hope some of this might have been of use to you.

GG, out.
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

NPD! EHX Deluxe Memory Boy!

Now, this isn't exactly a NPD, since I gave myself a couple days to figure it out first. But man I am so happy with this pedal.

The biggest thing is the tap tempo feature. I'm coming off of an EHX Memory Boy, so I've never actually appreciated what a tap tempo can do for my sound- the subdivisions are also very useful, I'm really into the quarter note triplets division mode right now. The DMB also has a much larger repeat time than the standard MB (1.5 seconds max) and gets into really cool lo-fi sounds once the repeats get long enough.

The modulation is also a lot easier to use on this model and the ability to control the depth of the saw/square waves is a god-send. The gain knob is also something I'm extremely grateful for, as I've had issues with volume drops/gains with activating pedals before the Memory Boy and this pedal.

Finally, the FX loop is an extremely cool concept that'll take a lot of time to find great settings- so far I'm a fan of a flanger, a delay with low feedback, and a distortion with the feed back as low as possible for call and return type of things. Another cool thing to play around with is the easter egg feature, the delay sequencer. It cycles through the different tap tempo subdivisions at a speed you control, creating almost an arpeggio type of sound that can create some really tranquil sounds. The low-cut mode is also a nice touch for brighter repeats.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with this pedal. Unlike the Memory Boy, I feel like I can keep this pedal on at all times to add depth to my sound due to the tap tempo feature. Its extremely versatile and has loads of possibilities with other pedals. Plus, all analogue delay, baby
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Never thought to use an OD pedal into a distortion

So today I tried something that I never considered- using an OD into a distortion pedal. I'm a relative newbie on proper use of OD (used to think its only use was to sound like SRV out of a MG...), but lately having been reading people's stories about using Tube Screamers on Mesas and such, and for some reason had the idea to use an old OS-2 I had lying around in front of my TL-2 distortion pedal- before I thought that only tube amps could benefit from an OD in front of it. But let me tell you, I couldn't be happier with the results. Just using full volume, 0 tone, 0 drive, and full OD setting on the OS-2 into my TL-2 gave me a much fuller tone with a tighter low-end. Of course, I had to tweak the TL-2's settings a bit (turn down the mid-range control), but its giving me a tone I thought I couldn't get with my current rig. Now I wonder what it'd sound like with a better OD...

Also, I got a birthday coming up, so I'm pumped. Come on, Deluxe Memory Boy!

edit: Kinda looks like my hearing was a bit skewed when I posted this. Not sure if it's better now at all Hate trying to get what I feel is a good tone on this rig...
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

My first blog cause UG's telling me I should: So m

Yep, so I thought I might as well do a blog since I'm bored and that "profile completeness" bar's bugging the crap outta me.

So I'm gonna talk about pedals. I'm pretty obsessed with them at the moment, not too sure why. Just love everything they can do. But as a college bum with a very limited income, I just don't know where to go from here. I mean, I have a flanger, a distortion/OD, a Synth Wah, and a RP70 multi-effects unit. Delay's are looking pretty awesome right now, but so are pitch shifters. Maybe I'll just try hitting up a local pawn shop and see what they have...

GuerillaGorilla, out.
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