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Monday, September 26, 2011

Day one

Current mood: blank

I moved to Los Angeles. I had to move back because my dad died and i had to come take care of his business. I moved out west to pursue a career in acting.  When i moved back i continued what I had done in LA and was just drink alot of vodka and play a lot of video games. In LA i had done alot in the yera i was there. I was on TV and had gotten paid for a gig. I am a professional actor. I did some short films some improv. I will continue the acting when I get to Chicago. I bought an acoustic guitar. I have played guitar for a little bit when i was 26. I bought a bass and played it more. I sold the bass and stuff to get to LA. I bought it right after I turned 28. My goal is to be a professional musician as well. Not sure  if it's possible seeing how old I am. I have no wife no kids. So im sure it's possible. 
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