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Friday, March 21, 2008

About me.

Current mood: cold

Ive got that shit form a girls blog, and made me interested of doing it. Maybe its fun.

1. Perfect? Sure!
2. Tall? Of course
3. In your pyjamas? Nope
4. Left handed? No

1. Friend you saw: Frawe, my bitch XD
2. Talked to on the phone: Cant remember
3. Person to text you: My girlfriend
4. Person to say they loved you: Myself...ok, my girlfriend.

1. Number: 69
2. Color(s): Black, red, purple
3. Food:†MŠkos guba (special hungarian food. At you it would be called sweet with a lots of drugs)

4. Place: Studio, my bed (of course with a girl), streets, and the night.


Q: What was the first thing you did this morning when you got up?
Say: Fuck! And than maka a cigar,and drink a coffe.

Q: Do you have anything bothering you?
How long is that shit?

Q: Do you smile often?

Q: Do you wish upon stars?

Q: Are you a friendly person?
Decide yourself... in my opinion, it varies towards personalities.

Q: Where did you sleep last night?
In the piles, in the piles, where the sun dont ever shine... At home.

Q: Why did you sleep there?
Maybe ive got no other place to sleep...and i like it so much.

Q: When was the last time you cried?
A month, or two...dunno

Q: What was your last thought before going to sleep last night?
A good fuck would be nice now.

Q: Rate life on a scale of 1-10 1 being bad, 10 being great.
Man...mabye 7...or 8...right now...dunno.

Q: What do you hear right now?
Sounds from my head...

Q: Does anything hurt right now?
My ass. Ive set too much

Q: What's your favorite month?

1. Are you missing someone right now?
Yeah...i miss my girl now, my love.

2. Are you happy?
Trigger happy...what do you think? If im happy, im fuckin with that?

3. Are you sad?
Is that question for real? No...not really. So passive,

4. Are you bored?

6. Are you nervous?
Me? Muhahaha...

7. Are you loved?
Sure! I'm the most beloved i think. :)

8. Are you tired?
A little bit, but i cant sleep.

9. Are your parents still married?

10. Do you trust your top 2?
If you asked that i trust my parents i have to say...not all the time.

001​. Real name?
Lőrinczy Zsolt

002​. Nicknames?
Gothica69, Jirzy, Curt, Kurta

003. Eye color?
Green and blue. They change and mix up all the time.

004. Zodiac sign?

005. Male or female?
Shemale... XD Ok, im a male..

006. if you had one wish before dying, what would you wish for?
Not to die. In other words: Live forever.

007. Crushing?

008. Slut?
Bingo! The biggest.

009. Smart?
A smart slut...mmm...sounds like a star. Yes of course. :D

010. Hair color?
Black, red and now some purple goin to appear on my dreads...maybe some white too.

011. Long or short?
Fuckin long dreads.

012. Beach or pool?
If i have to choose i say pool.

013. Sweats or Jeans?
Leather...ok, Jeans.

014. Phone or Camera?
Not interested in that...

015. Health freak?
Anti health freak. :)

019. Piercings?

020. Tattoos?
Got some. Heartagram on my wrist, and an ankh.

021. Righty or lefty?

023. First piercing? Ears
024. First best friend? Myself
025. First award? Cant remember
026. First crush? non english, i dont get it.
027. First pet? A cat, Cica.
028. First big vacation? Greece

049. Eating? No
050. Drinking? Coffe

052. I'm about to? Go†Insane
053. Listening to? KoRn- Hushabye
054. Plans for today? Finnish off work, and get some sleep...some peacfull one.
055. Waiting for? 1) My salary†to buy some weed- 2) My girl to come home 3)
7 o' clock to pass, so i can go to work...another nihgt without getting a single sec of rest.
068. Lips or eyes? Lips and eyes
072. Romantic or spontaneous? Spontaneous...i dont like planning.
073. Nice stomach or nice arms? Breast...
074. Sensitive or loud? Can we combine it? I dont like agressive bitches and even depressive ones,
075. Hook-up or relationship? Relationship.

079. Drank bubbles? ...
080. Lost glasses/contacts? No
081. Ran away from home? Yes..i did once...
084. Broken someone's heart? A lots of times.
085. Been arrested? No, im just lucky.

089. Yourself?I must.
090. Miracles? No...
091. Love at first sight? It said too common for me to believe
092. Heaven? No
093. Santa clause? A part of history. St. Miklos
094. Sex on the first date? I dont have to believe in it, it happens. :D
095. Kiss on the first date? If i say no, would it sounds stupid? Sure...

097. Do you love someone?† Yes.
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? No
099. Do you believe in true love? Yes

100. Posted 100 Truths? As far as i know myself, yes.

Woow...that was shitty...

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Friday, March 21, 2008

I have to say...

Current mood: annoyed

Ok, im here for a time now.
When i came here, what i expected? A cool group of cool guitarists, and some amatuers who want to learn. A bit philosophy, a little art of the music, the art of playing guitar, to compose songs, cool songs to hear, and share some of the works, maybe working together... But what i see...makes me sick.
To be short: That art turned into a joke. Or: That art turned into a comedy of worthless little kids.
It became a style. It became a sign that: I play guitar.
First, i have a question: What do you love when you play music?
You love yourself, or you love the music?†
No, don't give the answer quickly, think about it. If you cant answer, grab your guitar, and play your fav song! Than you will be†able to.
It's for all you guys, who call others noob or lamer, or i dont not familiar with these things.
Back to the question! If you find out you love yourself, please, put your guitar down forever. Do that favor for yourself...if you continue playing, you just waste your precious time.
It's not an activity wich can be done only to be a guitarist, to get yourself called cool or's an art. An art like painting, writing, etc.
If you say, it's your life, youre in the right way. Do you adore the sounds?
Do you believe its the biggest gift in our little life? Do you believe it can kill, it can create, can destroy, make someone cry, or smile? Do you believe music is a god, and do you worship it?

What is the art? Ive got the answer, it's really simple. Its a god.
I do not believe any other, but the art.
A painter indulge the eyes of the god, the one, who makes statues gives to the hand of god, the one who cares about the flavour sacrafice to the taste, and we are the musicians...we must pray for the ears of god, at our altar, with our insturment, with our voice

Maybe in this way it sounds so much sick, but theres an advantage: Only one rule is there: Love.
Ok, you can call me sick, you can call me whatever...i don't care. But theres must have to be at least one of you out there who feel the same way.

And a little bit of playing your guitar:

What do you play? Do you play songs of somone else? Do you play solos (of someone else)? Do you fucking with techniques? Or do you play it all with passion, with heart, by heart? I see many of you thinks that the first sense in playing guitar is your eyes.Does that sound funny? Maybe...but the reallity is far stranger than†you think...
It's your ears guys!†Use it, or you wont be a good musician.†
Learning†bare techniques, songs, or watching†dvd-s, reading magazines or i dont know what else wont make you any better, just steal your time.
Practice, play, compese...a lots of! You dont need any explanation of techs (or ive seen a lesson of circle of fifhts (c'mon guys, what the hell for? ;))
you will learn them with time, don't worry, you got 50-60 more years to do it. It's not a competition,†theres no award†from other. The only prize here is your†own music.††And if it wont work? Dont worry, it will. Just remember the only rule: Love.
Never throw your guitar away, never say you quit if you love it!
Do it by heart, play with passion wich is inside of you, and be patient.
Theres no extra fast way, or something like that, follow the traditions like all of the guitarist before†that generation did.
And if you are gifted? Don't count†on it...practice two time more like anybody else. If you are not? Practice three times†more.

Ohh, yeah...and please†more helpfull and friendly. It would improve your karma.

Peace out†
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