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Monday, August 16, 2010

My New Cab... Wait, WTF???

Current mood: angry

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Well, UG, I lost a lot of respect for Guitar Center today. I decided a few weeks ago on getting a Marshall stack. I ordered a new Marshall MA50H from a guy on Ebay, and I got it right on time. I also ordered a used Marshall AVT412 from Guitar Center. It took them almost a week to get it to me. I looked at the model name, and it said: MG412. They sent me the WRONG ONE. Not only was it the wrong one, they sent me an MG cab!!!

I called Guitar Center about it (I bought it from a GC in Arizona), and they said they would mail me a shipping label for the wrong cab. I would call UPS, and they would pick up the wrong cab. When Guitar Center gets the cab, they will ship the right one. This is gonna take me 2 weeks to get the cab. Me angry.
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