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Monday, July 02, 2012

what I've been doing lately

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it's been a few months since I last blogged and interacted with the UG peeps. ok here we go!!!

last year, I started studying a barchelor in Aviation Management and Sciences, it's been pretty good so far, I also broke my leg 2 weeks after getting into it. in August 22, 2011 I was driving really-really fast while it was raining and my car got out of control and crashed. the car was completely totaled, I actually made like a hole in the windshield when my head impacted it, I was wearing my safety seatbelt that day, thing that I don't tend to do but that day I did. I shattered my ankle and broke my ankle, it was so fucked up that the doctors said that it was like throwing a bunch of crackers into a blender and start it, yeah pretty fucked up. they were thinking about amputating my leg but my mom as a doctor and as a mother asked them please not to, I have one titanium plate and 12 titanium bolts in my right leg now. doctors said that cuz I was young and made of rubber like they say, it would take me a whole year to start walking again, I started walking in just 4 months, I won't be the same now tho, I can't run or jump nor walk really fast, I look pretty normal tho. I learned my lesson off of this one, listen to what your parents says kids, trust me......

I've been also working on my guitar skills and my desire to become a good musician, a few weeks or maybe a month ago a really popular and locally kinda famous band recruited me to be their rhythm guitarrist cuz they love how I mix gallops, with triplets, palm mutes with squeals and heavy riffing (that's what rhythm guitarrist do hehe) along with good backup vocals. it;s been pretty good, the metal scene loves us here and it's just great, we are a trash-death-nu-heavy metal band, we are a bit of all. this saturday I turned 18 and also marks the beggining of my 5 year as a guitarrist

I hope that you guys are ok and sorry for not visiting UG like I used to
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