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Friday, November 07, 2008


... It's been a while since the last time I posted one of these blogs, not that it matters since no one reads them anyways.
So, my musical life has been going great lately. I finally found a band which I can for more than 2 weeks, I got out of my writer's block and I'm starting to write some of my best songs to date. My band agreed we'll start working on them so we can play them in the near future gigs!
Also, I got a new guitar! It's a Gretsch G5120 and got a new amp to go with it, cuz you can't get a beautiful guitar and have it's amazing sound get ruined by your crappy amp. 
Well that's about it, you can stop reading now...
Seriously, stop reading now...
K, I'm just gonna go now 
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Saturday, August 16, 2008


I got a new Acoustic Guitar!!! It's excellent,especially since I got my last one for about 30 bucks in a supermarket. It's an Epiphone DR-100. It cost me about 100 buck, which is excellent for the sound quality it gave me, and was worth every penny I spent in it.
Hmm, it's 12:43 pm, I should probably get some sleep :p
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Sunday, July 06, 2008

I Got Teh Writer's Block

Current mood: pissed off

goddammit! this happens to me every summer. i finally have time to work on my songwritingand i got nothing. it's so frustrating :angry:
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Played A Gig!!!

Hey everybody.
So, as the title says: I played a gig. I hadnt played one in like a year and a half so i was really excited about it.
I found a drummer and a guitarist and i took over bass for it's extreme coolness :P This was the first gig I played in which I wasn't nervous at all so it was a lot easier to concentrate. It was f'ing awesome. First we played "Come Together" by the Beatles. I also played vocals.
After that another band kicked in and they didnt have a bassist either. I already knew the song they were gonna play so i joined in with them. It was awesome except for the guitar not being loud enough. I played with that band the song "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne.
It was a pretty cool day and i dont think i could've done a better job. Thanks for reading.
-Gibsum 41
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Damn it!

Current mood: pissed off

There was an Iron Maiden concert like 3 days ago here in Monterrey. i wanted to go really badly but someone told my mom that metal concerts are really violent so she made me miss it. this kinda made me think of all the bands i didnt go to see (and some of them will probably never come back) cuz i didnt like them and now i love them. examples are U2, the rolling stones, aerosmith, iron maiden (as listed below), guns n' roses, coldplay, green day, the killers, good charlotte (although i hate their new stuff). those are the ones i remember. has this ever happened to anyone? which bands have you missed?
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Monday, December 24, 2007

Guitar Hero

Current mood: indescribable

I want to give my and my own opinion on GH So here it is.
People who think they can play guitar beacause of GH:
I think the biggest reason for people hating this game is because of people who think they can play anything cuz they can play GH. Yes it's true, they can't play but weren't you excited when you played your first scale or solo. Besides, this game is not meant for real musicians. This game lets people that don't or can't play a real guitar feel what it's like to play a gig or let them feel like they can play guitar.
GH is for babies:
I actually don't agree with people who say this.  It's got hardcore metal songs. So it's just pressing buttons. Playing real guitar is only pressing frets and strumming strings. Playing drums is only punching drum covers with drumsticks. I play a real guitar and still use GH to try something different every now and then.
So for those who have a problem with people who think their rockstars cuz they can beat a song in hard. Who cares? You don't do it so why can you care. It's like having a problem with people who run around in circles. I ypu stop them, what difference is it gonna make in your life. People sometimes complaint because they just released the latest gun game or car game. Well, if you play real guitar you must like music and this is the closest music game you'll get to.
This is just my opinion. I'm not forcing anyone to think what I do, then I would just be a fascist. I'm just saying that I don't see a problem with GH on the things people do.
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Monday, December 24, 2007

I'm Getting a Piano 4 X-mas

Current mood: excited

My dad and my grandma bought me a piano for christmas and my next 20 b-days, kidding (but seriously). This is really awesome because i've been wanting to play piano for a really long time now. :D :) :cool: :p :wavey:
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Knocked Down

Current mood: artistic

So umm, I just wrote a new song. I started it at 3 in the morning so please don't be to hard on me. It's called Knocked Down and well, here it is:
Knocked down,                                       verse 1
to the ground,
and you're never coming back again.
Stay down,
'till you've found,
that the loss is just another gain.
Another story.                                        verse 2
Another ending.
Seems it never ends.
Just don't feel sorry,
and stop pretending.
Don't know what you've meant I guess,
I'll try to understand.
I don't care what you said.                       chorus
Don't just try to hang your head.
You'll probably try,
in the end.
But it will be better then.
Silhouettes,                                            verse 2
in my head,
and they're telling me to never fade.
that you wish,
that you had nevever made.
Look at the illusions.                                prechoru s 2
Full of confusions.
All this problems that I've caused.
Well look at this highway.
Just having a bad day.
I guess this is the life you chose.
(Repeat Chorus)
This is not what I it'd be,                          break 1
it's harder than I thought.
And life just tries to keep up with me,
she'll know the lies I've bought.
And all this dreams that I have had,
I''m maybe going mad.
There's nothing else that I can't take.
Just improvise and fake.
And I will go on.
Learn from your mistakes,                          break 2
and you'll never need corrections.
Try to risk your stakes,
but you'll never reach perfection.
(Repeat chorus twice)
(Repeat break while playing chorus)
Ok. Well that's it. If you read this far well thanks. Please let me know what you think. I know I could've posted this in the forum but I went with my gut.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dave Baksh's answer to my mail

Current mood: Surprised

So here's my e-mail to Dave and here's his answer:

            Hey Dave, you don't have to answer this but I think that you can help me the most than any other person with this problem. I just bought a bass because I thought that it'd be really cool to learn to play bass. I've played guitar for 2 years now and though I like bass I like guitar way more. Problem is my band can't find someone to play bass and they want me to play it. If I don't they'll probably kick me out. I'd try another band but those guys are the only available band in my school and I'm the only one who wants to play bass in my school. I really hope you can help me. By the way, will Brown Brigade ever do shows in other parts of America besides Canada? I'm from Mexico and since Sum 41 has never toured (I think) here I cant watch you blow people's minds. I might make it to a Texas show or something near too. My last question is who's your favorite guitarist? Mine's Slash, Jimmy Page and you. Thanks for reading.


Dave's Answer:

     All of my career I have wanted to visit Mexico to play
a show. I was actually really heartbroken when I found
we had an offer but refused without my knowledge
because we weren't getting paid enough. It's one of my
dreams especially now with a band that has an outlook
of peace love and unity beyond anything I've ever been
a part of. Please allow us to earn a show in MExico. I
would love to make this band go to the top faster than
the speed of light. But I want more for all of us in
Brown Brigade to lear the importance of building
through our art in music. I feel we will be more
satisfied in our souls. So just please keep enjoying
the music and understand that we want to play but we
have no means of being able to. But we will. We work
harder on music than anything else in our lives.
As far as playing bass or guitar. Do what feels
right. Learning bass is a great way to learn how to
write music on another instrument. Kids today are so
musically talented that you shouldn't limit yourself.
We are in an age where you can have a band that spans
the world thanks to the internet. Remember to play no
matter what band you are in and get your enjoyment
from your instrument. I know it seems like there are
not many options but you are still young and have time
to form a band and most importantly work on those
chops. Don't just play. Feel like your instrument is
attached to your brain.
I hope I helped more than bored you

9:34 pm - 3 comments - 2 Kudos