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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Current mood: geeky

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I wrote this song when doing research on Norse mythology

The fires of this realm, burn bright with rage

Guarded by the anti God, sword of flames

The other world's frost, equal in despair

touches a spark, in the empty void


Rises the ogre, the mighty Ymir

sweating his offspring, the frost giants clan

Arise come the trolls, Odin, Vili, Ve



The three plot a plan, to kill the great beast

the frost ogres will not live to see

the creation of the world, known by you and me

ruled by Odin, controlling the heavens and this Earth roamed by thee


Ymir's blood flows the the water you drink

Flesh rots in the dirt of the ground which you step

hair grows in the trees of the apples you eat

bones and teeth, in the mountains and the rocks that you find

brain in the clouds of the sky, his skull

The maggots that ate him became you and me

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