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Friday, July 16, 2010

30 Day Album Challenge (Constantly Updating)

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30 Day Album Challenge (Part 10)

15 July

Okay, haven't posted in a few days, but yesterday ago I recorded a new song called "Leaving Today".

I now have 22 mins of music, I would like to write at least 2 more, I am not going to try and force the songs. But we'll see have happens.


30 Day Album Challenge (Part 9)

12 July

Today, I made considerable progress on my album, completely recording and mixing everything I have written so far.

  • Fading Away           (Completed)
  • Sky Comes Falling    (Completed)
  • The Bliss                (Completed)
  • Summers Night        (Completed)
  • The End Is Nigh       (Completed)
I did some adding up, these 5 songs bring a total time of 18 mins. If I was really desperate to finish this by doing the minimum, it would be easy. 
With 2 weeks left, I want to keep writing and recording. I enjoy it.

That is also the rough track order, other songs will be slotted in around it, but it depends on what the other songs are like; right now, I feel like having a heavy song that blends country/blues with heavy rock. However this is subject to change.


30 Day Album Challenge (Part 8)

11 July

I am making considerable progress through this album. A brand new track was written and recorded today, it is called "Fading Away". I am thinking about having it as the album opener.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, this evening, I have been composing the album closer, it is a slow instrumental in the key of D minor, which I find is the saddest of all keys (Spinal Tap). I have recorded guitar and piano for that and have found a sample or two that I wish to use in it.

Here is a list of how things stand:

  • Sky Comes Falling     (Completed)
  • Fading Away            (Completed)
  • The End Is Nigh        (In Progress)
  • Summers Night         (To Be Recorded)
  • The Bliss                 (To Be Recorded)

Tomorrow, I plan to finish off The End Is Nigh, by overdubbing the slide guitar and adding the samples. I also plan on recording one of the songs that need recording. The Bliss is a short song that will only require guitar and vocals, I feel that Summers Night may be a bit more elaborate, we shall see

g'night x

30 Day Album Challenge (Part 7)

10 July

Here is an update as to where I am so far.

I have already recorded 1 song, and in recent days have written all of another. And as of today, I have written a new song.

This is where I stand, also, these are all working titles:

  • Sky Comes Falling       (already recorded)
  • Summers Night           (written 2 days ago)
  • The Bliss                   (written today)
I plan to record on Monday, haven't decided which one yet; I plan to keep writing.


30 Day Album Challenge (Part 6)

8 July

Today I demoed the song I had partly written and didn't like it upon recording. However this evening I have a new chord sequence and half of the lyrics written, I doubt will be able to record any tomorrow, but I'll try something over the course of the weekend.


30 Day Album Challenge (Part 5)

6 July

I have decided that first song I wrote and recorded for this month will feature on the album.

Today, I wrote the music to a new song, been writing down and binning lyrical ideas all afternoon, I have 2 lines that came into my head about 3 hours ago. I am playing around with them to see what else comes of it.

Tomorrow I shall be attending a slide guitar masterclass and will leave me no time to record anything tomorrow. However, I have all day Thursday to do it. I guess tomorrow evening will leave me more time to polish off the lyrics.


30 Day Album Challenge (Part 4)

5 July

Today I finished off my lyrics and recorded a song called "Sky Comes Falling", it is completely mixed and mastered, however I am unsure whether I would like to include it in my album. Time will tell. 
One should include it, because it is for an album of songs composed this month. All of this will depend on how many more I write.

On the topic of writing, literally just now, I have written a new chord sequence in the tuning of CGCFCE. 
Demoing tomorrow.
I will see if any potential lyrics come to me tonight.

30 Day Album Challenge (Part 3)

4 July

So far, I have got the chords for first song I am writing for this album. (Which has been mentioned in the previous blog entry)

I have been rather busy lately and have been unable to spend time on this, I have some lyrics to finish off and I have all day tomorrow of which I shall demo it.
Been jamming on the guitar, have an idea or two that could be used for the album.

I'll keep you posted.

30 Day Album Challenge (Part 2)

1 July

So, we are the first day into the challenge and I spent this afternoon playing my guitar with different tunings. After many hours I have a verse and chorus chord sequence in the tuning of 'Double Drop D' (DADGBD). 
The only way I can describe the sound of this, is driving rock. It sort of has that 130bpm.
I am going to start demoing it tomorrow and hopefully sing the lyrics for it that I hope to write tonight.

No idea on how many songs I'm gonna put on this album, we'll see how much inspiration I get over the 4 weeks.


30 Day Album Challenge (Part 1)

30 June

Okay, I am putting some thought into what sort of album I want to do.

I either do a mish-mash of genres or I stick to one. I could go for a folk tinged one in the style of a Nick Drake record or I could make it a full blown affair with programmed drums like in my '30 day song' effort.

It's late in the evening, I'll see what music comes to me over the course of this month.

Night x
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adstr123 wrote on Nov 17th, 2010 11:42pm

So it just ends on the 15th of July? What?! I was enjoying that fellow Stone Gods fan.


GezzyDiversiona wrote on Feb 12th, 2011 12:09am

I'd finished the album then, and I went on holiday a few days after for the rest of July.


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