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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Motorhead : UK (Swindon), November 15, 2009

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Sound: It's not that often that one of rock and rolls defining legends play in a leisure centre in a scummy town that gave you Billie Piper, roundabouts and XTC; also known as Swindon.

Playing in a sports hall does have its downsides, the sound quality from the reflective surfaces does mean the sound is a tad harsh; however Motorhead were so loud that it probably didn't make any noticeable difference whatso ever.

Mikkey Dee had his massive drum kit on a drum riser 5ft above the stage and it was hard not to feel his presence.

Phil Campbell was touting his LAG Explorer Signature and 4 Marshall JVM410H stacks on the stage. (These were for show, because I know he uses rack mounted Marshalls)

Lemmy was backed up by his Murder One head as well as the Marshall replica of it. // 10

Perfomance: Motorhead are all about the fun of playing the music and making sure that everyone has a good time. And this was just what they did. The 3000 strong audience ranging from ages 8 to 80 were all head banging and singing to The Music.

Kicking off with "Iron Fist" and knocking out such numbers as "Metropolis" and "Stay Clean" the band showed off some new material from their latest album. "The Thousand Names of God" had the crowd chanting through the chorus.

Lemmy"Everyone put both hands in the air if you want us to play louder!" and that was what the whole crowd did, and they whacked it up to 11! The end of the set was celebrated with "Bomber" which went down a treat.

The start of the encores was marked by a bluesy Acoustic number called "Whorehouse Blues", which I though surprised most of the audience.

The dreaded "Ace of Spaces" and "Overkill" had the whole concert hall shouting the lyrics and punching the air! // 10

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kr46 wrote on Nov 17th, 2009 9:40pm

Great blog....sounds awesome ....I met Lemmy once in a bar in Manchester after a gig...he's pretty cool...peace


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