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Friday, December 30, 2011

She Sells Sanctuary

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This year, I succeeded in avoiding anything to do with Christmas.  Recording this song was one of the things which kept me busy so I didn't risk switching the TV on and seeing anything festive.

I started working on it at around 11am Christmas morning.  The plan was to get the drums programmed before lunch, then record all the guitars & vocals before creating a final mix to be posted before bedtime.

Unfortunately the drums took about an hour longer than I'd hoped (mainly because I kept making a mistake and having to go back & correct it) so I didn't get all of it finished within the day.  All the guitars were completed, and I'd recorded a first take of the vocals, but they weren't nearly good enough to be the final version.  Despite that, I created an initial mix of it anyway as I was going to a friend's house on Boxing Day and wanted to take a copy with me.  They were quite impressed that I got as close as I did within a single day.

I eventually finished it on the 30th, after I'd rearranged my house.  I used to have a gym set up in the spare downstairs room and all my guitars were in the 2nd bedroom, but as the downstairs room was bigger I decided to swap them around.  That took most of the 28th & 29th, then once everything was in place I spent about 30 minutes re-recording the vocals.  Obviously they aren't as good as the original, but they're as good as I'll be getting them.

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