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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

(I Don't Believe) Your Fantasy - the remix

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For the full story of how this song originally came into life, you'll need to read the blog dated 21st August 2011, this is just a few notes about the remix.
I always keep a CD in my car of all my completed songs that also includes any instrumental demos of songs I'm currently working on.  It serves 2 main purposes - if I have a passenger in the car who shows interest in hearing my work I can play it to them, also if I get some inspiration for lyrics I can play through some of the unfinished songs to see how the new idea fits.
The more I listened to the CD, the more I noticed the mixing for this song was generally not as good as the songs I'd recorded since, mainly because this one was originally done on my old 8 track, whereas the newer ones are done on my current 24 track which allows for much more control.  It's also a more up to date piece of kit, so the technology it uses is more advanced.
I finally decided to remix it on Saturday morning when I was a bit bored, but it was still a bit too early to start playing (I like to be considerate to my neighbours).  I always keep the basic recordings of my songs so I can revisit them, so I loaded them into my multitracker and started playing with the mix.
Almost immediately I had the sound improved a bit, but there was still a thought in the back of my head relating to something I read in the recording forums about mastering an album rather than mastering a song.  Basically, someone had said something about this being a slightly different skill to mixing a single song as you need to get all songs to have a similar feel in order to make the album as a whole flow seamlessly from start to finish.  I was never going to succeed in mixing the original recording so the finished product had the same feel as my more recent work, so I decided to re-record everything.
This is obviously not the most complicated of songs, so re-recording all the bass & rhythm parts took hardly any time, then I spent most of the afternoon playing with the main solo.  I rarely learn lead guitar parts note for note, I prefer to just have a couple of signature licks which I then improvise around, although I usually have a structure in mind for that improvisation to keep the end product sounding similar each time.
It made for a fun, relaxing day and by dinner time I'd completely re-recorded and remixed the whole song. 
As a final note, anyone who's read some of the older blogs on this site will notice that the name of this song has changed from "Your Fantasy" to "(I Don't Believe) Your Fantasy".  That's because of the song which was originally called "Your Fantasy (Part 2)", that has been renamed "(Do You Believe) Your Fantasy".  Although the 'Part 2' title was good when the song was a work in progress, once it was finished I decided that there was no reason for that one being second in the series and they could be listened to in either order so I renamed them.  I've updated all the titles on the site, but I haven't bothered going through all the blogs and changing all the references to the song titles within the blog content.
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