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kr46 (2)
Monday, November 30, 2009

Hail Outcasts!

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Finally my new song is ready!!! I started working on it months ago but I left it to focus on other projects ...

Its a tribute to my beloved guild Outcasts from World of Warcraft ofc :D its called "Hail Outcasts".

I think this song will close my World of Warcraft series, maybe I will re-record "The Gates of Orgrimmar" cause it really sucks as it is now, and that will be all.

For the future I plan to write a beautiful instrumental song for my daughters and make a video for it (youtube).

Also I think Ill write a really thrashy song dedicated to my friend "garom", it will probably be called "Matron From Hell" :D

Stay tuned!
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kr46 wrote on Nov 30th, 2009 12:48pm

Cool good luck with that...peace


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