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Friday, June 03, 2011

La Rosa Blanca

woah!!! definitely its been a while since I updated for the last time lol

i havent forgotten my guitars tho, been practising almost every day! :)

yesterday Ive finished my last original song, its a romantic one (yeah sorry for that) called "La Rosa Blanca"

fancy listen to it? :D y1006218

Ive also been uploading videos to my youtube account during all this time, gogog check them out fans xD

and now, back to my practice sessions, lets see if I ever nail those blistering 200bpm thrash metal solos!!!
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Hail Outcasts!

Finally my new song is ready!!! I started working on it months ago but I left it to focus on other projects ...

Its a tribute to my beloved guild Outcasts from World of Warcraft ofc :D its called "Hail Outcasts".

I think this song will close my World of Warcraft series, maybe I will re-record "The Gates of Orgrimmar" cause it really sucks as it is now, and that will be all.

For the future I plan to write a beautiful instrumental song for my daughters and make a video for it (youtube).

Also I think Ill write a really thrashy song dedicated to my friend "garom", it will probably be called "Matron From Hell" :D

Stay tuned!
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Slayer - World Painted Blood

What an awesome album from Slayer!!! Im really happy with it :) my favourite track is Unit 731.

So happy I am that I decided to cover the title track of the album!!! one (the only?) of the few Slayer songs I can play.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Iron Maiden - Wasting Love cover

hey guys!!! I got my new Carvin DC727 a few days ago, well, today Ive recorded this video to celebrate it! :D

hope you like it, its a beautiful ballad with a great solo!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Greg Howe Betcha Cant Play This

That lick was very funny to play, fast and tapping makes it easy!

I tried to make some music with it, heres the result!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nothing Else Matters Take 2!

Hi there,

Ive received very strong bad critics for my Metallica video, and I think ppl was right, so I decided to re-record it and upload it again!!!

Here is the new video ^^

Still flaws in it, but I cant do it better!
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Metallica video cover. What? Nothing Else Matters?

Current mood: happy

this is the last Metallica song I thought I would cover!!! cause I never liked it! but it surprised me how beautiful seemed to me when I was playing it myself!!! the solo was also easy so I had to cover it!

also this is my first video using a video editor (Sony Vegas) and I think I did a damn good job!!!

my best cover so far!!

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sodom cover and awezome progress!!!

Current mood: relaxed

hi there again!

My friends did like my new song "A Priestess ..." a lot! what the hell, I dig it too! they are specially amazed with my lead work ^^ /proud

I am starting to get worried about being able to play songs by ear, so I spend some time trying to play stuff I hear etc ... lets see how it goes ...

Ive also uploaded a new video on YouTube, its a cover of the kickass thrash metal band SODOM!!! I think I did a good work, but the solo didnt go very well :( also I had to transcribe it myself (with errors of course)


At this moment Im practising the licks from Machine Head - Imperium song, cause I think it will be my next cover!!! dont you like that song? :D its 100% pwnage!!!

I had to blow the dust off my old custom crappy "Maestro" guitar and retune it to Drop B, and to my surprise ... sounds quite good! (hehe my ENGL amp rocks)

I think I'll upload my new cover in a couple of months, stay tuned :) (whoever reads these stories, if any!)

About creating another song ... not in the mood for that atm, but sure I'll record something in the future ... just need to get inspired! ;)

On another topic, I have to say that Im very happy with my progress on guitar!!! I can really feel it now when I try to play things that were very hard in the past :))) I can do some really fast and clean 3 string sweeps that sounds totally pr0!!! 5 and 6 string sweeps still need tons of work tho. Also I can play comfortably many licks of 16th notes at 120 bpm, and some other stuff even faster!!! and my tremolo picking improved loads!!!

Im still far away from being really fast on guitar ^^, 16th triplets at 200bpm here i go! lol

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Friday, February 13, 2009

A Priestess Called Atrocity, new original song! :)

Current mood: happy

Yeah!!! just finish my new song "A Priestess Called Atrocity", inspired by my undead priest from World of Warcraft, as usual :D

Besides sound quality and any minor flaw, I have to say that I am really proud of this one!!!! I really like it a lot, specially the 3rd solo, that one with the crazy whammy bar harmonic ^^ (thx Kristofer Dahl for that)

Ive also learned how to create a cool voice effect with Audacity, used when I sing "Mind Blast Mind Blast Mind Blast ...".

To create that effect, triplicate your voice track, lower the pitch of one track by 1 step and lower another track 5 steps, finally boost the bass of the 5-steps-down-track, and there u go!!! (you can also add some Gverb on the 1-step-down-track but I didnt use it)

Hope you like it! ^^ /play543367
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Friday, January 23, 2009

In Flames - Moonshield!!!

Current mood: happy

Today Ive uploaded a new song to YouTube!!! its a cover of the masterpiece "Moonshield" from In Flames (album The Jester Race :D)

I can play all the riffs in the song (including the solo) flawlessly, but for some reason I cant play the whole song without making a mistake here and there, so thats what you can find in the video, a decent cover with some mistakes ^^ no big deal

About my original songs ... I need to get serious and start recording!!! I have a couple of riffs and ideas for my new song and I am gonna get working on it in the next days/weeks.

Im also transcribing a kickass thrash metal song called "Andralls on Fire" from the band Andralls, I think I got all the song down at this moment saving the 1st solo, which I doubt I'll be able to transcribe soon (not to mention playing it :D)

Also Im noticing big improvements in my playing!!!! which is great news of course, I can play relatively fast stuff while relaxed, and my sweep picking is muuuch better now! still a lot of work left to do, of course, but today Ive amazed myself playing the 1st sweep of "Everytime I Die" from Children of Bodom at 80bpm!!! (16th triplets)

God bless the metronome :)

For the record, today my grandmother Pepita died. Rest in peace, I dedicate this video to her.
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