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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amp testing

Current mood: happy

Yeah today me and a few friends of mine went to test amps. One guy is going to get a new one. He plays really br00tal stuff, like black and death metal. So he was looking at a Vox ADxxVT-XL. We found one and plugged it in. He tuned down the guitar to C and DAMN! That amp was really br00tal. The high gain sound was way superior to the Roland Cube. You could go VERY heavy, but the amp kept good definition and had a great tone. One of the best high gain amps out there, especially in it's pricerange. It has surpassed the Cube as the high gain modeler.

Next came for me to test an amp I'm kind of looking at, the Laney Lionheart. It was the 20 watt 4x10 version. I plug it in and press power and...
So the guy in store changed the fuse and it worked. So I took a Les Paul and plugged it in. The clean was nice, got some nice blues-y cleans. But then came the distortion channel and this sucker was a wonderful one. The tone was VERY British and retro sounding. It had a wonderful blues and rock overdrive. I couldn't crank it and only had it on 3, unluckily. But I can't wait to buy a Lionheart. I'm getting the 5 watter (1x12" speaker), which should work. I needed an amp that was lower in volume compared to the Rocker and the 20 watter was basically equal, but the 5 watter should be loud enough for what I need it for
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