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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Weekly Update (Jingles)

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That's jingles, not shingles.
I finished recording and mixing my jingles for my radio show on RadioActive Scotland; which is tomorrow at 1300 (BST). I'd planned on doing an advert as well, but the chap who did the vocal for it comepletely missed out the fact that it's only on Friday, although he did it so well that I didn't realise until it was much too late.
Looks like I might have signed up to do everyone else's jingles too...
No progress on the UG Album front, I'm still waiting for the vocals for the acoustic one, and I need to do all the guitars for the Video Game one.
Such is life.
Actually, if you're not busy (or busy but not far from a computer), you could listen for the full three hours from 1300 till 1600, cause I'm on with the charming Emma for the two hours beyond.
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