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Thursday, April 11, 2013

If you're going to hate my tabs - don't rate them

... or at least motivate your lower rating with a reasonable comment.
Posting this becouse no matter how you look at it- hating became fashionable here on u-g. To the point that not having a whole band tabbed in your tab can get you a lower rating. I'm not saying this basing only on my personal ratings, but ratings overally.
I use A LOT of tabs from this portal A LOT and I'm kinda annoyed when I see an accurate tab rated below 5. Why? Gp is only a programme and you can't trascribe some things perfectly with it. That's normal- some things can't be tabbed well in it at all. After tabbing quite a few songs with it I know what I'm saying :x.
So well... It's a good think to tab something by yourself just to see how much work it takes sometimes. I'm tabbing various stuff, however tabbing anything using your own ears takes a lot of effort.
Also, I've just picked up new Satriani song by ear and I hope it won't get hated that much :P. It will be and I know it, but... I learned to play that song while doing the tab and I can say that I really can play that^^.
Oh well... Since maybe a year I'm posting my tabs here becouse somebody would, let's say that out loud: steal them and post them here anyway. I'm not into that rank/score race anymore anyway :x.
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Monday, April 05, 2010

All about playing...

Current mood: happy

Yeah right amazing thing... I've started to play five months ago. I'm improving a bit so i can that i don't waste time xD. Lonely as always, weird as no-one and beliving in music and just a little in.. myself^^. Hoping for... Yeah, what do i hope for - good question... For more time to play/listen/discover/learn music and maybe for this called love. I've started playing to be clouser to the music- I can say that even now without no doubts. I've never was anything special in it so I'm happy when I can play something that i like- by tabs almost only. I try to play by ear sometimes too... but i know that more time i play that more i improve in playing by ear so... Now i'm just playing ;]
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