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LazySandman (1)
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Music is Sound, NOT Fingers!

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These days, you hear or see (if you go on sites like YouTube, or any site with video uploading) many people who believe that the faster you play a instrument, the better you are...

What the Fuck?

Music has been, and always will be, about the sound produced from an instrument, NOT how ZOMG fast you can play it. If you are actually a good musician, wouldn't the knowledge of using scales and chords make you a good musician?

Sure, Shred guitar/Speed Metal/ etc. might use more complex methods, but if you think about it, most Shred songs sound the same.

My opinion, anyways.
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GhSTRUMPETsem wrote on Jul 15th, 2008 3:40pm

I totally agree. It makes me so mad when people are like "yeah I am a wayy better musician than you, because I play HxC death metal lead guitar stuff." I'm like.. wtf.. that doesn't make you a good guitarist at all. Musicianship shouldn't be measured by what kinda music they play. It should be measured by they're passion for it, and the time it takes them to learn it. Also, just my opinion! :] --morris--


LazySandman wrote on Nov 24th, 2008 7:33pm

Even though I disagree with you about shred sounding the same, you're dead on about the sound being the most important part. No point in being able to play fast if it sounds like shit anyways, yeah?


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