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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

enslaved animals

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true story.
I had rabbits when i was about 8.
my dad got them from a friend of his at work, and they were the first proper pet I ever had.
I had a goldfish, but they arent proper pets. Fish arent pets. They are high maintainance decoration.
I was literally more interested in the
shipwreck in the bottom of the tank. and the clam that made the bubbles. the opening and closing of the clam was less predictable than the fish.
i remember being actually quite relieved when it died. because you could just see it shitting everywhere. The tank wasnt even a foot long, so by the end of its life it had shat everywhere it had ever been. and i had to clean it out. knowing that it was that very shit, and nothing else that was making the water get murkier by the day.
Rubbish pet.
But rabbits are actually a great pet for a child. Small little lovely furry animals, that just require a bit of lettuce now and again, and you can reap the benefits of having a pet. you cant stroke a fish.
well, you can but it would be very worrying behaviour, even for a child of eight.
Not nearly as nice as a fuzzy little rabbit.
I was so excited when we picked up these two little black and white bunnies. I named them babs and buster, and we hurried home, grinning into the big cardboard box we were transporting them in. I couldnt wait to be the human overlord of some sentient beings. or at least that is how I would imagine an 8 year old me would react to the situation, based on how I am now.
We didnt have a shelter for them so my dad made one.
and it looked like a fine hutch when he was done. he made it all himself by hand finally getting a chance to use the all the miscellaneous wood in his shed. it was a beautiful two door affair, with a mesh panelled viewing bay, a little rabbit open plan kitchen/lounge, and on suite hay for crapping in. with a door so i didnt have to see it. They were truly living the life a bunny would slaughter the innocent to live.
but then that all changed rather suddenly...
i remember after about a week or so, just when this lagomorph mansion was finally fully complete, all the finishing touches had been applied and the leporidae lovebirds were settling in nicely, my dad came in one night, head bowed, ashen faced, looking sombre. My tinted memory tells me he had a cloth flat cap clutched in his trembling hands, but that probably wasnt the case.He told me "babs and buster...are dead. the fox got them. im sorry"
I was devestated. I cried, and mourned their passing, and we buried them at the back of the garden.
now, it didnt give it too much thought at the time, but at the time of burial, the rabbits were awfully in tact and uneaten for a fox attack.
i just assumed foxes were just cold blooded murdering stealth assassins. maybe they crept in during the dead of night, and smothered the victims. maybe "the fox was a codename", i didnt know their methods, all i knew was that my rabbits were dead, and i was devastated.
i found out some years later that my dad, in all his good intentions had waterproofed the hutch, inside and out, with creosote and it gassed the poor little buggers to death.
to his credit, the hutch remains bone dry to this very day...
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Carmel wrote on Apr 24th, 2009 2:46am

Bunnies are forever.


Meepus wrote on Jul 19th, 2009 4:31am

I loved this.


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