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Friday, November 13, 2009

How do you define cheating? Could you forgive it?

Current mood: happy

Cheating- one of the worst things short of killing that one person can do to another in a relationship. It can be defined by a variety of things, and it most definitely varies from person to person. To start off, boundaries should be set in the very early stages (if not the first day) of a relationship. Each should discuss what they consider cheating and what is acceptable. But this is a blog, so I guess I'll start stating my side.

How I define cheating, is something that I find insulting to me. For instance, if my girlfriend kissed another guy, whether it be sober or drunk, that is cheating. Now, the circumstances are what decide how bad it is. If she kisses the guy on the cheek because she's really happy because of something really nice he did for her, I could turn the other cheek and think nothing of it. However, if she was to kiss him on the lips, that's disturbing to me and I would definitely consider it bad news for her. So everything after that is cheating: making out, groping, oral sex, casual sex (obviously).

But about all the flirtatious hugs/texts she may give/send to other guys, it varies on how much I trust her. If she engages in those activities early in the relationship, then I'll be more skeptical of thinking us two have a chance for a long-term relationship. If I notice her adding hearts in her texts or saying she misses them, that's usually a clue to me that she's feeling something for him. Or if she get's overly physical with her hugs (e.g. grabs his ass) and asks for them frequently, then it'll get me thinking.

Now on to the most confusing gray area out there: her hanging out with other guy friends. I in no way want to be controlling of her, and prevent her from hanging out with other male friends. But also, there's a point where you start to question your trust in her. Is she going out with just him? Is it always/usually a late night thing? Does she ever take priority of hanging out with him over you? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you might want to keep an eye out. And I don't mean go around and stalk her, seeing everything she does with the guy, just make a judgment call. Do you think you have a good possibility of being hurt in the long run? Do you really think she is (considering) cheating on you? If yes to either, then I'd usually end it. Better to be safe than I sorry.

Just so everyone knows, I have never experienced what it feels like to be cheated on, nor have I ever done it myself. I can only imagine the pain one must go through for suffering this, and I hope that I never come across its path in my life. But I have a feeling, if it were to happen to be, I don't think I could forgive them, much less give them a second try.
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Homecoming/Spirit Week

Current mood: content

Alright, so i'm a senior this year, and for spirit week, I want it to be sweet so I want some cool ideas I could do for each day of the week.
Monday- Sports Day
Tuesday- Circus Day
Wednesday- Holiday Day
Thursday- Time Travel Day
Friday- Spirit day
Spirit week isn't until the first week of October so I have a lot of time for ideas. Thanks guys :cheers:
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