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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Casanova Frankenstein

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Casanova Frankenstein

I'm a sex machine and I'm on the scene
A Casanova with a heart if you do your part
and you'll earn your flower with a golden shower
Just last another hour on the tower of power
Don't tell me your name or you'll ruin the game
Just go on your way and have a nice day

I'm a Sex-U-al

I'm a fountain of fun, not to be out done
and I think your the one whose second to none
but I'm too good to be true, your view is askew
your time is through and I'm done with you

I'm a sex-u-al

You know all this talk about love, love is a four letter word baby.
It don't mean nothin

I'm a guy and your a doll
whose not to short but not too tall
Lets skip the talk and go straight to the walk
I think your a-knowin that my cocks a-crowin
so put a smile on that face and lets get the ball rollin

I'm a sex-u-al
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