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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Album Review: Neonfly EP

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As I'm bored I will be starting to write album reviews on albums that I have been recommended. I know there's a review section for that kinda thing, but I felt that writing blogs would be better for me because I can find them easier and a lot of music I find won't have reviews or people wont have heard of the bands I find.
Anyway, Neonfly a Power Metal band who credit "Judas Priest" "Helloween" and "Iron Maiden as influences for their sound and all three of them come across in the opener titled "Reality Shift" there is nothing technically amazing or incredibly about this song but it works together nicely, the chorus "I wish I could see the world I have painted" is an incredibly catchy melody with vocal harmonies blazing about the place. The drumming is just the bog standard double bass pedal. But does some really nice almost George Of The Jungle type stuff with the toms.

The guitar's sound really clean and the recording is good quality for an EP.  

Nice track with a nice break from the assault of everything else around 2;46. 

Nice track 8/10

Second track: Broken Wings.

This is a track on the EP that I am not really that keen on. It comes across with a great blaze of opening of guitar's,drums and vocals and surprisingly an organ in the background. This is the bad point of the track though. The chorus is amazingly cheesy and the vocal melody (not the vocalist's voice) annoys. The lyrics for the chorus sound like they have been written in a very short space of time "Rise above the ashes don't be afraid to stand and face the masses" it sounds like a bit of sixth form poetry.

The problem I have with all these songs is yes they are good but the bass seems to be following the guitarist round all the time with no real sense of creativity with the basslines. Which is a shame, because he's a talented guy.
7/10- if it wasn't for that chorus 8/9 out of 10

Track 3:I Think I S A UFO. 

Overall the second  best track on this EP (first going to Ship With No Sails)

With a silly lyrical theme about a seeing UFO's and alien abduction. Neonfly start to show their sense of humour. (much like Helloween on Pink Bubbles go ape, Heavy Metal Hamsters anyone?)

Like the first two tracks the assault is still there and it works really well and does not get overbearing unlike a lot of metal album I have listened too (Ascendency, Hate Crew DeathRoll, Death Mag- Pathetic) the songs are still catchy the line "I think I saw A UFO" is sung in such a way that makes me think that the vocalist was on something to make him think he HAD seen a UFO.

Second last track on this EP "Gonna Shoot You Right Down" is one I usually skip. Starting off with a guitar solo that's very reminiscent of some of the solo's played by Tipton/Downing. The vocals for this are reminiscent of Metal God Rob Halford.  For the first time on the EP I've heard the bass playing something slightly different to the guitars. Well done there! 

5/10. Least bearable track on the EP.

Last track the unforgettable "Ship With No Sails"

A change of pace for Neonfly. They slow down their heavy  metal outpouring and play a song which could be considered a ballad. 
the vocalist remindes me a lot of Timo Koltipletio from Stratovarius 
here but without the warbling and the horrible accent. 
The guitars are still bery clean, the drums are recorded very well and everything is good on this track. "How can we hide from yesterday" starts the pre-chorus and overall I feel the pre-chorus works just as good as the chorus "Hear the sound of the crashing waves and the wailing wind of a new day dawns" if not better. with a short ten second acoustic 
breaks up the piece very  nicely. 10/10.

if you would like to hear Neonfly (who have just changed singer. For the better.) They're myspace is here. Awesome live band too 
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