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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Top 5 Bands

Current mood: drunk like a russian

Ok well I thought since UG seem to be putting lists on the news I would to. Now just to let you know this is my own opinion feel free to discuss it with me. If I dont make sense its because im tierd.
Anyway here we go:

  1. The Beatles: Who can beat the Beatles? (No pun intended) With there catchy melodies, fantastic harmonies and simple, yet great lyrics. I mean these guys gave us music as it is today. These guys crossed so many genres from there early pop days, to the more rock ní roll and some psychedelic they did it all. If a musician doesnít have the Beatles as one of their influences there wrong or just not worth listening to.
  2. Pink Floyd: From their early days under Barret as one of Britains top psychedelic bands till creating some of the great albums of the 70ís Pink Floyd were there. Waters the bands main lyric writer was a genius, his works on The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon and many others are just short of lyrical perfection. Gilmore I believe one of the most under rated guitar players (Just listen to Echoes) who should be up there with Hendrix as a great and solid work from the rest of the band made these masterpieces work.
  3. The Rolling Stones: Not much needed to say here. I mean one of the worldís greatest acts today and thatís 40 odd years on from when they began. Just a great band, I mean who hates the stones?
  4. The Who: The ones who I would accredit to starting the punk feeling. With no respect for their instruments or authority these guys began the feelings of social rebellion. With Keith Moon creating his wall of sound and Townsand's (sp) guitar The Who became one of the best live performances of the 60ís easily. And with classic albums like "Whoís Next" and "Tommy" they will not be forgotten very easily.
  5. Led Zeppelin: Ok fan boys quiet now no flaming for what Iím about to say. Look we all know Zeppelin took a few riffs, and lyrics etc from poor old black musicians, and they have been sued for it to so they got their justice. But this does not make them any less great or influential. Now I donít listen to Zeppelin much so I cannot say much about them, but they did make this list because of their influence to rock ní roll (and so fan boys wouldnít beat me). Really a great band, Page was one of the great guitarists

Anyway hope you enjoyed, I would of wrote more in depth and better but Iím kinda tierd.

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