Ibanez: Roadstar II 1985

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Epic frontside

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Epic frontsideEpic backsideTeh sex
Evil_Magiciana wrote on Nov 24th, 2007 5:13pm

The white part on the pickguard isnt supposed to be there .
It was a temporary cover since the output jack was stolen (lol?).


Silky Smooth wrote on Mar 16th, 2009 1:19am

Man that looks SWEET!!!


timi.charles.7 wrote on Oct 5th, 2015 7:55pm

I know this was posted years ago but I must say that I agree with collapse. I used to play this guitar! It was what I could afford at the time in the 80's. I still had enough respect for my instrument to NOT put it on concrete front OR back! That is so sacrisanct as to be to the guitar world as the Church of Satan is to the Xtian world. LOL No, I have nothing against Satanists. In fact, I am one. Still would not do this to my guitars!


timi.charles.7 wrote on Oct 5th, 2015 7:57pm

This page is no longer showing collapse's comment about having the gonads to place his guitar face down on the concrete LOL


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