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Friday, October 17, 2008

My Current Musical Project

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So after fooling around with bands around here, I honestly got fed up (There's a thread about it which became pretty big due to a douchy lead singer..actually there's 2) with all the laziness the trendy shit, the -core garbage, the indie scene and its pretentiousness, the douchebaggery and the transparency of a lot of bands and just the lack of serious local talent...and decided to make my own musical project.

Its metal, and while it might not be different from something in a distant metal scene, its definetely different from what's going on in my local scene and that's what's important to me. Tampa used to be the Death Metal capital of the world, and Florida in general used to be. Death, Cynic, Atheist, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse etc. were all at one time situated in Florida and their records are very highly regarded...but with time, Tampa has forgotten what that was like and -core bands took over. Now, I realize that while Death Metal was a trend like any other. Bands within the death metal scene and death metal fans in genre have a genuine brotherhood that even while not knowing each other, if you see someone with an Obituary shirt and you're wearing a Carcass t-shirt, you'll either both smile or say something to each other. In true metal in general there's a brotherhood. I witnessed this first hand at Florida Death Fest recently.

I find...the -core genre musicians, in general, just look fake. Maybe I'm just talking out of my ass here, but whenever I see a bunch of HxC! kids hanging out together and again, I witnessed this first hand. They're very prententious, very succumbed to trends and for the most part, very un-educated and closed minded. I'm not saying that there isn't that in Death metal, because believe me, there's a million of them, but...for the most part, death metal fans and non-metalcore fans are either very educated people with their priorities in check, or with a very loose lifestyle and can pull it off easily while still maintaining a decent "look" of intelligence and still can get up to work for the system everyday or go to school.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I'd just like to tell you guys that my musical project is gonna be a LOT different than what anyone else is doing around here, and tackle subjects more than just Religion , including social lifestyles, philosophy, astronomy, sex, drug abuse, ignorance and how I feel about those things. There's gonna be a lot of clean guitar usage, there's gonna be heavy parts, slow/fast parts, different tempos, different time signatures, jazzy stuff, bluesy stuff etc. and I'm gonna try to make it interesting while still maintaining its brutality. I'm not gonna say its gonna be the best record ever, not by far, but I will put my all into it and hopefully I'll have the first track done in about a week or so, I'm taking my time with it so it can come out the best.

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