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Saturday, July 02, 2011

To you, the people: What the hell?

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http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_ news/behemoth_frontman_in_court_for_desecrating_bi ble.html
I'm a little disapointed by this. As a regular, I'm usually indifferent about an argument about who's answer to everything is better than whos, but this particular one was filled with so much bollocks that I had to point it out.
In particular, the hate comments against Nergal himself. Like you, he is a musician, like you, he expresses his feelings in many ways, LIKE YOU.. he plays guitar. This is the first time I think I've seen hate used appropriately on this site. What is so bad about ripping up a book that has virtually no content in it what-so-ever? Is it because among the thousands of interpretable quotes about some man going down into the town to preach about a dream he had, there's something that specifically says 'thou shalt not progress, evolve and change as human beings, learning to accept and be reasonable' or 'thou shalt not let the man who has a pasty face and a sexy guitar say what he wants to say and do what he wants to do'?
I'm quite sure there isn't.
There is no need for crap like this, most of all in a place where so many people get along.
The way the human mind works, people need constant re-assurance of their safety. An in-built mechanism is to respond to threats. People think they have many ways of interpreting a threat, but the brain doesn't, so absolutely anything could pose a risk to your well-being.
A man ripping up a pointless book is not a threat, its a statement. Whatever Nergal wants us to think, there's no denying that it makes more sense to get rid of the damn thing entirely. And as proven from the article, all that the defenders of the faith do is fall back on that old Bible-y chestnut and quote away to try and explain their reasoning. Thats like forcing a 1 year old to live on Harry Potter until adulthood, then being made to believe its real, hence letting them use any quote they want to that has no real relevance to whatever it is they're using the quote for, then using their beliefs as a way through living.
I'd definitely do what Nergal did if thats all that the bible is and if thats all it makes people do.
On the lighter side, I earthed up some info on a band called Alchemist from australia. If you like Akercocke and Killing Joke with a lot of psychedlia thrown in, try it out.
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krvolok wrote on Jul 3rd, 2011 10:51pm

My thoughts.The thing is that we are living in an age of crisis when most people revert to their fundamental believes and then tend to defend them with fire zeal because it's the only thing that keeps them safe from the vastly indifferent universe around them.Most of those(and I read every single comment but did wan to get banned) comments come from what I call the Bible-Is-A-Historical-Fact-Based-Testament group or BIAHDBTG.Anyone with a proper high school degree can see that that book is at best a motley mash of myths and semi-accurate and biased historical narrative and just because some deluded bunch of people in Syria and Greece started a church around it 1800 years ago does not make it sacred in any way.Though I am not an atheist I more often than not support them mostly because their crusade for secularism is thwarting the agenda of that same deluded munch of people.


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