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GasPipe wrote on Sep 18th, 2012 4:26am

Are we related somehow? I just read your reply to that guy on the story about that Iraq Anti-Muslim band, and I couldn't help but nod and say "yes" the entire time I read your comment. Basically, I agreed with everything you said: your definition of "evangelical atheism", your discussion of tolerance, everything.

Your point about evangelical atheism really sat well with me: I have never been comfortable with the aggressive approach of such atheists, and I have always thought that honest, open discussion and debate is more likely to convince anyone, or at least make them think and consider their beliefs, than pointing out all of the logical flaws and moral bankruptcy etc. etc. in their religion. Many atheists prescribe to this aggressive approach, yet it does nothing but polarise people further.

Lol I don't fully know why I'm leaving this comment, but I suppose I'm just happy to see someone who shares the same ideals as me. Glad to see someone else who believes in tolerance. Respect from New Zealand!


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