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Monday, August 17, 2009

Alice in Chains

Current mood: Unbothered and Untroubled

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I've been wanting their dirt album for a while now.

I went into a CD store to get it and I ended up ordering a copy because they didn't have any in stock. I went in on a weekly basis to see if it had arrived from their supplier yet and then almost two months after I ordered it they give me a call and say they don't stock it anymore. No big deal I say and shrug it off, things like this happen and I don't mind waiting for a masterpiece anyway
After hearing the bad news I went into another store and ordered it, but asked them to confirm they do infact sell it. THEY DID! so now, a just one short week after ordering it, I purchase it, arrive home and put Alice in Chains - Unplugged in my CD player...

Wait a minute... the cover says Dirt, the CD says Unplugged. I ordered Dirt. Never the less, Unplugged is a great album, but not what I asked for. I have to wait a little bit longer now for Dirt to arrive and then my epic CD adventure will be over.

For now though, I am listening to Alice in Chains - Unplugged and I must say as an aspiring rock/metal/grunge guitarist, it is very inspiring. and soloing along to the acoustic tracks is a lot of fun

Peace out.
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