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Friday, July 11, 2008

why me?

Current mood: frustrated

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I need to write a blog... something about profile completeness.

So I'll discuss thursday - the 10th of July.
It was a shit day because 1) some shitfaced street racer smashed my car up, and 2) my Sony Ericsson W850i decided to crap out.

So today, friday the 11th, one of my best mates who's an apprentice panel beater came around and helped me pull the rear end of my car apart and explained the extent of the damage to me - he said its not worth repairing a $600 car with that much damage. My dad also came to look and he said the same, but he's the ingenuitive, good at everythng sort and wants us to give it a go.

And as for my phone, well heaps of buttons stopped working on it and it shuts it self down quite alot. its unuseable. Ive had it for just under 13 months so its just under one month past its warranty. If I were the owner of a company who sold some such an expensive product I would honour a warranty less than a month past its warranty in this situation, but vodafone isn't doing that. I emailed sony ericsson about it and havent received a reply yet.

Anyway, it was a shithole day. I had a car and a working phone at the beginning, then by the end I had neither... BACK TO THE STONE AGE IN ONE DAY!!
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EnyoAdonaia wrote on Jul 15th, 2008 7:43am

awesome... I can give myself kudo


EnyoAdonaia wrote on Jul 15th, 2008 7:44am

... no I can't.


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