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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Warnings off

Current mood: chipper

I can misbehave again! Not that I would, it was purely by accident I got the last one :P

Today I feel chipper, what ever the hell that means.
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Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Pixies are coming to NZ!

Current mood: ecstatic

I just found out the Pixies are coming to NZ!!

Tickets on sale through ticketmaster.co.nz on September the 12

Show is on March the 12 next year at Vector arena! I hope to see some UGers there :D I won't be missing it that's for sure!
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Alice in Chains

Current mood: Unbothered and Untroubled

I've been wanting their dirt album for a while now.

I went into a CD store to get it and I ended up ordering a copy because they didn't have any in stock. I went in on a weekly basis to see if it had arrived from their supplier yet and then almost two months after I ordered it they give me a call and say they don't stock it anymore. No big deal I say and shrug it off, things like this happen and I don't mind waiting for a masterpiece anyway
After hearing the bad news I went into another store and ordered it, but asked them to confirm they do infact sell it. THEY DID! so now, a just one short week after ordering it, I purchase it, arrive home and put Alice in Chains - Unplugged in my CD player...

Wait a minute... the cover says Dirt, the CD says Unplugged. I ordered Dirt. Never the less, Unplugged is a great album, but not what I asked for. I have to wait a little bit longer now for Dirt to arrive and then my epic CD adventure will be over.

For now though, I am listening to Alice in Chains - Unplugged and I must say as an aspiring rock/metal/grunge guitarist, it is very inspiring. and soloing along to the acoustic tracks is a lot of fun

Peace out.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

I fixed my laptop!

Current mood: good

My laptop BIOS had a bug where it thought it had a password, but I never assigned it one... so naturally I didn't know what it was either. Luckily this computer has a biometric finger swipe thing so I could still get past the BIOS password.

Well anyway I just downloaded a whole lot of things today for no apparent reason and found a program to reflash the BIOS, now it's all sweet.

Also, I got a driver for the media player buttons and remote control that works with vista! Weird thing though, most of the buttons on the remote for media player wont actually work, only the button that puts my computer into hybernation (help me out with this one?). So basically I can turn my laptop on and off from a distance.

I want to be able to play and stop the music from my laptop from a distance so that I can just leave my music playing while I'm in bed and turn it off before I go to sleep.

This is the end of my boring blog.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Exams are over

Current mood: I don't know...

Exams are over! I guess my results are:
Computer Science - C
Engineering - B or B+
Statistics - D or C
Physics - E or D

Damn hard things. Glad they're over.

It's my birthday in 3 days too.

I also notice a distinct lack of fireworks tonight, November 5th? huh?
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Friday, July 11, 2008

why me?

Current mood: frustrated

I need to write a blog... something about profile completeness.

So I'll discuss thursday - the 10th of July.
It was a shit day because 1) some shitfaced street racer smashed my car up, and 2) my Sony Ericsson W850i decided to crap out.

So today, friday the 11th, one of my best mates who's an apprentice panel beater came around and helped me pull the rear end of my car apart and explained the extent of the damage to me - he said its not worth repairing a $600 car with that much damage. My dad also came to look and he said the same, but he's the ingenuitive, good at everythng sort and wants us to give it a go.

And as for my phone, well heaps of buttons stopped working on it and it shuts it self down quite alot. its unuseable. Ive had it for just under 13 months so its just under one month past its warranty. If I were the owner of a company who sold some such an expensive product I would honour a warranty less than a month past its warranty in this situation, but vodafone isn't doing that. I emailed sony ericsson about it and havent received a reply yet.

Anyway, it was a shithole day. I had a car and a working phone at the beginning, then by the end I had neither... BACK TO THE STONE AGE IN ONE DAY!!
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