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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Current mood: nervous

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Hey! It's been a long time, probably to long xD
This summer I'm going to peace and love, it's a festival
in sweden and there will be a lot of awesome bands there ^^
It will be my first time at a festival so I'm kinda nervous >.<
And at the end of my schoolterm I will preform infront of all the
9th graders at our last dinner with the teachers but I don't know
if I relly wanna, that's because I'm going to preform with a girl I
don't like so I'm probably gonna call it of.
I'm probably going to hold a speech infront of everyone O.o
The thing is that when I was choosen I wasn't done with my
speech, I just came up with something relly fast! I'm in trouble xD
But have an awesome summer!
C ya ^^
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