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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Current mood: nervous

Hey! It's been a long time, probably to long xD
This summer I'm going to peace and love, it's a festival
in sweden and there will be a lot of awesome bands there ^^
It will be my first time at a festival so I'm kinda nervous >.<
And at the end of my schoolterm I will preform infront of all the
9th graders at our last dinner with the teachers but I don't know
if I relly wanna, that's because I'm going to preform with a girl I
don't like so I'm probably gonna call it of.
I'm probably going to hold a speech infront of everyone O.o
The thing is that when I was choosen I wasn't done with my
speech, I just came up with something relly fast! I'm in trouble xD
But have an awesome summer!
C ya ^^
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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Current mood: bored

This year I haven't gone to so many conserts but I'v been to one so far;
Bring me the horizon, it was freaking awesome! But before me and my friend whom I was going to the consert with went to stand in the line we went to a place called Bengans where the band signed our CDs! So I, for real got to meet Oliver Sykes!  I was so unexplainable happy that I was jumping up and down with joy in my heart  

The next one I'm going to will be My Chemical Romance the 18th of mars!
But I'm not going alone, I'm going there with my girlfriend, she got the ticket in christmas present from me. We are going to be all happy and having extremly fun! I wish it would be so much sooner D: 

Well see you next time ^^

 and hugs 
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