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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Multi-Instrumentalis ts

Anyone out here in our locale that would be into playing two or more instruments in a live setting are encouraged to contact us.

I wanted to do a similar format back in the early 90's...
When days after it started to form we went to Club Soda...and what did we see?  A group that was doing the very same idea.  Now they weren't especially great musicians on they're own instrument,  then were terrible when they started switching off.  But the idea was no longer fresh in our little neck of the woods.  And being a young punk myself...I just scoffed and discarded the whole concept.

Now looking back at those decisions,  I realize that I should have still pursued it.  We would have been labeled as followers at first,  but most of our peers would have realized that it just took us longer to present a finished product.  Instead of just rushing out for the sake of playing.

Anyway...time to revitalize old ideas with new talent.
So come one come all...just bring it like you mean it!

Thanks for reading
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