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Friday, July 17, 2009

I'll hold it to you, Schön. Part III

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Hashshashin, you know not your place in this world.
We are crusading to spread
the true message
the holy message
now make peace with my maker
for yours is but a fraud.

Hashshashin, spare me for I am but a brother to you.
Your lord is in every way mine.
they share words
they speak on common grounds
please, I can no longer make my peace
knowing this is the direction we are all heading.

angel come fall
angel come far

Terra, the voices are becoming so audible
I can see the pain they bring
and I can see the happiness
the comfort and feeling of wholeness.
Terra I can't do this anymore
I'll keep nearby
but we are done.

You have your own burdens to bear now
find me when they are gone.
angel come fall.

Why must my voices bicker.
they all adored me
they all pleaded for advice
and then they sacrificed
oh, how they sacrificed
Your holy crusade,
Why can't you let them live off on their own
believe me to be what they want
it could never be enough
plunge into the hell you've created.
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