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Friday, July 17, 2009

I'll hold it to you, Bela. Part II

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He has a sinister side, you know?
He calls it his Maria,
maybe a past lover
who hurt him
who strangled every breath of heavenly justice out of him.
Sent him tumbling through his own tidal force
bouncing about threw the shallows
cutting his skin on the rocks

I'll find you in the snow, I'll find you.

Mind you,
he doesn't have much to offer
but he sees this troubled beauty
he scoops her up
she is numb
she is gone.

I won't let this happen again.

With every soft sophistication he brings her gently to his camp and sets her down by his fire place, daily he circles her, her pulse warm and shallow. He will always circle her, he will always call out, wondering her name. He tends to her, and prays, prays one day she will wake up.
With every ideal twitch he hopes for the best, he hopes his Atlantis rises from a murky sea, he hopes this gem in a desolate cold desert shines once more. nothing. and he weeps, he can't keep her forever. He's but an uneducated fool, a lover, who doesn't have the means to keep himself together, let alone this beautiful girl.

wake up.

and she did.

forgive me for I have sinned
but that is my name,
forgive me for I have sinned
but that is my calling,
forgive me for I have-
nothing left to spare.
Then sit with me by my fire
and let me
let me
red rover
through your air.

what ever moniker you are running by today
Thank you.

your welcome.
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