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Friday, July 17, 2009

I'll hold it to you, Beautiful. Part I

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This is something I wrote a month ago.
I posted the first part on S&L but not a SINGLE person commented on it.
I personal love it.

Here's Part I of VI
I'll hold it to you, Beautiful.
She kept all her children locked in the basement
for many, many years.
until one, very fateful evening
the youngest, he shattered the lock
in a impetuous stampede they flooded out
curtailing the darkness of the forest
making it their new home.

the squirrels made quick friends of them
sharing tales of spring and summer warmth
but the cold of the winter seethed.
knowing of this ways-away paradise
the children huddled into groups
building campfires
and longing for a never ending heat

'mother will be sick with loneliness;
it is okay, we can send Terra;
she has so many voices in her head,
they could all keep her company'

and so she was exiled.
goodbye Terra.

of all the likeness to her kin
she felt different
there was this ever growing
ever confusing wall in her mind
it kept her from reaching out and understand the voices that haunt her
it kept her from ever seeing the way her brothers and sisters do.
love me or hate me she whispered
'Mother, at least I am home'

mother wasn't pleased.

she beat her
she beat her so much
smashing away all that was her own
and then spat.
i don't need your sympathy
i don't need your companionship
i don't need your hopes
or your tokens of love
this macaroni necklace
these construction paper mother's day cards
i hate you

and she sent her
into the cold woods.

formatted and alone
she falls down into a foxhole
crying as her bones
hiding her in hypothermia.
and then the voice said 'hello?'
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