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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Shit List (Scrubs also known as Busters)

WIP subject to editing.

Baby Joel - not as cool as me
Bob_Sacamano - worships satan
burgery - funny name
ceaser1156 - reformed drug thread bum be careful
captainsnazz - thinks too much of his hair
cha33 armstrong - says "jock" earnestly
crazysam23_Atax - uses a cake pan
deadsmileyface - like 12 or something. his sister tho
Dimarzio45 - actually hank hill
DisarmGoliath - some dork in a band or something
Eastwinn - perfect o.k.
eGraham - murders rabbits with lawn care equipment
hydra150 - wears a kilt and is probably drunk rn
JackWhiteIsButts - can't run from his hendrix past
JamSessionFreak - incomprehensible local place names
K'Nuckles - is actually a pervert
lolmnt - neither funny nor a mountain
MinterMan22 - :')
Neo Evil11 - catfish
RylanThePotato - not actually twitter famous
sickman411 - too nice. probably a murderer
soundgarden1986 - likes crummy video games
snipelfritz - from wisconsin
So-Cal - not actually a penguin
sonic_hippy - distracting avatar
Trowzaa - plays strange strategy games online with a rabbit killer
TunerAddict - see Eastwinn
vintage x metal - lives in nowhere va
WCPhils - from ancient sumeria
Weaponized - made fun of my spelling fucker
whywefight - takes it personal. it's just business
willT08 - plays guitar probably
Xiaoxi - drives an automatic
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