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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Current mood: grateful

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So. I have wanted an electric guitar for a while now (since it has better tonality and my acoustic is, lets face it, as bad as they come) which also means i need an amp.
But i don't want to buy those cheap starter kits for $200...
The only problem is i dont have much cash to blow since i dont have a paying job...
So i have decided to probobly buy the usual... a Fender Strat... this is apparently a Squire Standard 'special edition' (?) which they are selling for $400 AUD. (about the same as USD at the mo)
Hmm. I have access to a pretty good amp at a friends, so for home i only wanted something small and cheap that could still do stuff. Settled on a VOX DA5 for $175...
Thats what I got so far. Until i get some steady income I probobly wont invest in anything better.
Any protests or suggestions are welcome. As is charity :D!
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