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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ShotRod Guitar Works Fuzz Pedal

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ShotRod Guitar Works Fuzz Pedal:

This is my version of the '60s Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face. This classic pedal offers thick, smooth fuzz over your guitar tone with rich harmonics. This pedal uses two AC128 germanium transistors to reproduce the sound from the '60s. It has two knobs, "Fuzz" and "Volume". This pedal is hand-wired, with true-bypass, optional LED indicator, in a choice of size/color for the enclosure. This pedal is "positive ground" (unlike most pedals). This pedal does not have a DC jack to protect the components from reverse polarity. Modifications are available upon request. -CURRENTLY UNDER TESTING

Lead times for the ShotRod Fuzz Pedals are 3~4 weeks, unless I have one to just ship out. Otherwise, they are made to order.

ShotRod Guitar Works Est. 2007

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