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Friday, September 07, 2007

"Top UG Reviews" #3 (Sept. 7rd)

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Today's a day for the next "Top UG Reviews" installment.
As I've promised you, I begin to publish some statistics relative to your contributions. Today I'd like to post a week chart of approved and declined reviews. Here it is:

. . . . . . in | out
Monday    : 41 | 31
Tuesday   : 13 | 09
Wednesday : 28 | 15
Thursday  : 21 | 14
Friday    : 16 | 12
total     :119 | 81

* in - total amount of submitted reviews
* out - total amount of reviews that were posted on the site

As you can see -- approx 32% of total reviews are usually moved to trash, or are returned for improvement. It's a huge amount, I have to say! So there is something for you to think about...
Ok, now I posted a list of reviews that impress me this week!
1. B.C. Rich: IT Beast [ Electric Guitar by dragon666 ]

2. Atreyu: Lead Sails Paper Anchor [ CD by minnaow ]

3. Malefice: Entities [CD by bassistsrule ]

4. Ataxia: Automatic Writing [ CD by Kartman ]

5. OST: Feast Of Love [ CD by sweetpeasuzie ]
Great! There are already five reviews. :) Perfectly done, guys! Especially I would like to thank Mr. sweetpeasuzie. This dude always send us the perfect reviews of fresh releases in general. Thank you! :)
And by tradition, the Worst Review of this week follows:
Skillet: Collide [ CD by castoo ]
Sound. //7
 Okay, i saw them in concert... and the guy was a total asshole... so fucking arrogant... my gf gets me the cd... and its the same thing
 The sound is a bit junky, terribly repatative, with some GREAT power chords, i like the use of keyboards in open wounds.
 cycle down has a good sound
Lyrics. //3
 This is wear this cd SUCKS
 the lyrics aren't incredibely christian, they come across as arrogant and whiny... and the guy is not a good singer, at all
 i have many christian cds (kutless demonhunter norma jean as i lay dying becoming the archetype... and all are more uplifting than this one...)
Overall Impression. //5
 I don't have any other skillet cds, and i don't want anymore
 the most ''impressive song'' is track 1 and 3... worst song is fingernails... easily
 I love the chords and the mixture with keyboards... i hate the singing
 if it was lost, i pray for whatever unlucky soul found it
Uuuuugh.... That's terrible! BTW, this guy has sent three reviews that day, all of them was crappy.
That's all I want to tell you today. Fell free to express your own opinion. Good luck!

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Seth Shadows wrote on Oct 2nd, 2007 5:51pm

LMAO I love reading these reviews.


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