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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Year Since The Ozzfest In Israel

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Wow, one year of sharing the craziest story of mine!
Hell. That show was one of the best concerts I've ever seen!
(along with Metallica & Marty Friedman)
I got in at the middle of Tal Friedman Vehakraiot's set, and what can I say - Tal Friedman is the man!
After that Soulfly came up to the main stage, back then I didn't knew who Soulfly was and I barely heard Sepultura, But Max Cavalera and guys gave the Israeli audience an insane show!
When Soulfly finished, Almana Shchora went up on the second stage, man - that band still sucks! nobody went to see their show!
I hope Sharon and Ozzy picked them for the Ozzfest as a joke.
And after I survived Almana Shchora I had to deal with another band that I hate - Korn. The moment at their show was the cover of One's fast part by Metallica.
At last! the man and the legend himself came up to the stage! The prince of darkness - OZZY OSBOURNE!!!!
With a great setlist (5 Sabbath classic songs and many songs of his solo career that I love!), an amazing lineup (though I forever will rather Zakk Wylde), his neverending energy and a hose that splats foam Ozzy did an incredible show!
Damn, this man was 62 and he's still a legend!
I was really shocked to discover that I'm not the only one in Israel that heard Ozzy tunes except of Crazy Train!
I will always remember that day - 28/9/2010 - in my life!
As a tribute, I was listening to the entire "Blizzard Of Ozz".
Two words: Pure. Awesomeness!

When Zakk Wylde meets a bear in a forest - the bear plays dead!


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